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Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson
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Comanche raids into Mexico traditionally took place during the full moon, when the Comanche could see to ride at night. This led to the term "Comanche Moon," during which the Comanche raided for horses, captives, and weapons.

A very well woven tale of revenge, hatred, hope and love. Set back during 1890's, Comanche people are infamous for their reputation. Savage natives who kidnapped white women for their revenge to those white men, who stolen their lands and ravished their women. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

This is a very powerful novel. It portrays various emotions full of angst, grief and revenge. Catherine Anderson injects the reader with the importance of equality. I'm deeply moved by the words she used in her characters. The honesty and uniqueness of every characters were engraved in my soul.

I thoroughly embraced the passion of the hero, Hunter, a half Comanche and a white man. Being tortured by his past, he set himself to retaliate his family. With the knowledge of the Prophecy, he met his destiny at the world he came to hate...Loretta Simpson, an orphan after her parents were killed by the hands of Comanche. She still lived in her nightmare and never awoken from the tragedy she witnessed. The terror was still deep within herself that she cannot surpassed the idea of the warriors will return again. The fear inside her was so great that she can no longer able to speak a word. Despite the hatred between two worlds, they will find with each other the prophecy that will unite the opposite world together.

A great force will shattered their lives and will leave a mark for the next generation to see.

I love this book without comparison. I read this story last year and I can say that this novel imprinted within me. I realized when I look back every now and then to the days I read it (with great passion), I can still see myself on the scenes and plots like I'm really part of the story ~ that was the magic of Catherine Anderson. She can weave simple stories and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. And this is truly a work of art.

I shall read it again in the future, and be in love all over again.
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