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Luna by Julie Anne Peters
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Sep 30, 11

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Sixteen-year-old Regan tells the story of her older brother Liam. Liam is popular at school and all the girls like him, but Liam has a secret. Liam feels that he is truly a girl named Luna and dresses up as a girl at night in Regan’s room. Now Liam wants to live as Luna permanently. Regan is the only one who knows her brother’s secret and tries to protect him from their parents and friends. She helps him to deal with their father who tries to make Liam manlier and their mother who tries to ignore his dressing up. She also helps him come out to his best friend. Sometimes she is happy to discuss his secret late at night, but other times she is slightly embarrassed by it. Either way, Regan is always supportive of her brother, which helps him to deal with the people around him and fully transition to Luna.

After reading a number of books from the first person point of view, I enjoyed discovering the main character through the eyes of his sister. The love Regan felt for her brother was obvious in her total acceptance of Luna. Even when she was embarrassed by Luna meeting her boyfriend, she never turned her back on her brother. I could only image how lonely and alienated Liam would have felt if he didn’t have someone like Regan in his life. This book is a good read for any teenager who has ever felt like they don’t belong or that no one understands how they feel inside. At some point, we can all use someone like Regan in our lives.

Classroom Extension:
Students could write about a time when they felt like they did not belong or no one understood them. Students could discuss the implications of keeping a secret from their parents or friends. What would be a good reason to keep a secret? How would you deal with the situation when the secret is discovered? How would you go about telling the secret?

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