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Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton
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Sep 30, 11

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Read in September, 2011

"I had a shiny, light blue Rip Curl watch on my left hand that I was dangling in the water. I sometimes wonder if the reflection of that watch in the clear water is what attracted the shark. That's when I was suddenly aware of a large gray object closing in on my left side. He was slow and silent; he really crept up on me. If I had had my head turned I would have seen everything: the rolled-back eyes, the triangle-shaped teeth, the sandpaper-like skin, the pointy snout, the pulled-back gums. Luckily, all I saw was a blur. It's funny-you would think having your arm bitten off would really hurt. But there was no pain at the time. I felt pressure and kind of a jiggle-jiggle tug, which I know now was the teeth. They have serrated edges like a steak knife and they sawed through the board and my bones as if they were tissue paper." -pg. 71

Confession: sharks and shark attacks fascinate me! There is a reason that there is a whole week on TV completely devoted to sharks so I must not be the only one! This book is about Bethany Hamilton who was surfing when she was fourteen and was attacked by a shark. But that wasn't a HUGE part of the book! Actually a larger part of the book was about her firm faith in God and how her relationship with Him has gotten her through everything. It's about how God has a plan and loves you if you have one arm or two. I'm not of her faith but as a Christian I really admired her for believing as she does. It was also about her getting back on the board and how surfing is in her soul so she couldn't let a shark get in the way of that. This is a great autobiography!

"...for me, knowing that God loves me and that He has a plan for my life that no shark can take away is like having solid rock underneath me. Look, lots of bad stuff happens to people. That's life. And here's my advice: don't put all your hope and faith into something that could suddenly and easily disappear. And honestly, that's almost anything. The only thing that will never go away, that will never fail you, is your faith in God." -pg. 206

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