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Prey by Michael Crichton
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Sep 30, 2011

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Prey, by Michael Crichton was about a mistake that a company made in nanoparticle technology. A family of five with a stay at home dad and a working mom suddenly started tearing apart, and that's when things went wrong. Julia (the mom) started coming home later, missing family commitments and events, showering at night instead of the afternoon, and was becoming more and more detached and irritable. The dad starts to suspect an affair, and after the situation gets worse, he suddenly gets a job offer. From his old boss, but at the company that his wife works for. Curious about the
"long hours", he takes the job and has his sister stay with the kids. Meanwhile, Julia gets hurt in a mysterious car accident and the baby gets painful red swelling and bruising all over. At the company, the dad learns that the cause of all of these problems were a runaway swarm of self-reproducing/teaching nanoparticles. They had learned to kill, reproduce, trap, trick, and get around many different things. And they also controlled almost everyone at the company, including Julia, by getting into the brain. So the dad and a coworker named Mae set off to destroy them. After many near-death attempts to both parties, and many conflicts with the people the swarms control, Mae and the dad kill of the swarms. But they do it with a price, as all of the people the swarms controlled had to die because they killed them with a strain of E Coli and magnetic pulses. When the dad returns home, beaten up and exhausted, the kids get the virus too, just in case all of the swarms aren't gone. They are all so busy being sick, nobody thought of Julia, burned to nothing in the ruins of the factory.
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