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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
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I really really liked the book, Katniss is my type of heroin, reliable, independent and kick ass and the story is very exciting. So, I would just like to vent/share (how ever you wanna call it) my feelings toward the book.

1. Peeta- I dont know why but i love Peeta more than Gale. He was always described as the person with the gentle personality, but he will do EVERYTHING for Katniss.

2. Katniss's Feelings- This is the only thing that pisses me about Katniss (but its also part of the thrill). She doesn't know who she really loves. When Gale's not around she's all lovey dovey with Peeta and when Peeta is not around she's lovey dovey with Gale. Girl, make up your mind! Your hurting them both (especially my Peeta :))))lol )

3.Gale- he was the gorgeous best friend of Katniss. At first you would think that they are perfect for each other. The hunting, responsibility, the looks and maybe even personality. Maybe thats why Gale didn't appeal to me. He was too perfect for Katniss, too alike... And! He really pissed me off with all the jealousy, even Finnick?! really?! I got the impression that the rebellion is his top priority and not Katniss, although he really does love her. (I got even more pissed at him in Mockingjay)

4.Finnick- I like Finnick! I dont know why, At first his character seemed shallow coz he was just described as a sex symbol and a winner and nothing else but in Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins (which Im halfway through) you will understand a deeper Finnick, what he has been through.

5. Cinna - he was also one of my favorite characters. for those Cinna lovers you may wanna look away now I was so upset when he was "arrested" by those guards... I got teary "OMG! don't hurt Cinna!!!"- my exact words. Ever since then it was never clear if he was executed because it was never mentioned, he never made an appearance as well. But his memory and legacy leaves on (you'll know what I mean when you read Mockingjay.)Love ya Cinna!

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