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Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz
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Jul 30, 2014

it was amazing
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Read from September 29 to 30, 2011

The sixth book in Cruz's Blue Bloods series picks up seven months after Misguided Angel ended. The book is divided into three different stories story lines. The one thing I did love about the book was instead of dividing the books into different parts featuring the plots, each chapter alternate between them. Also you should make sure you've read Bloody Valentine first. While most short stories that come in between books are optional, the story lines in this book make much more sense with having read the three short stories.

As much as I love Sky and Jack, honestly I was a little bored by them in this book. In their story, while searching for the Gate of Promise they meet up with both sets of the Venator twins, Deming/Dehuna and Sam/Ted. Which not to my surprised both have coupled up. Despite I loved this book I found that very unoriginal. The best part of their story is towards the end of the book when they realized where the Gate of Promise leads to and who is actually the gate keeper.

Meanwhile Mimi and Oliver journeyed to Hell to free Kingsley. This has to be my favorite part in the book. Mimi is the character who has grown the most in the series, and I've grown to love her. Especially her friendship with Oliver. And Kingsley was charming as ever. But of course Mimi has a motive in bringing Oliver with her. To get Kingsley back she must trade a soul for him. But has Mimi changed enough to actually leave Oliver in Hell for all eternity?

And then we have the third story line in the book in which we go back in time. We get to see the events that lead Allegra to break her bond with Charles. I loved reading this part. But...I found myself shipping her with Charles which came as a complete surprise to me. I was expecting an epic love story that is worth breaking your bond for like Jack and Sky. Allegra knows something happened in the past in Florence. That she had made a horrible mistake, and Charles is keeping the truth from her. She doesn't believe she is worthy of his love anymore. This is making her feel distant from not only Charles but the whole vampire community itself. Ben made her forget about her vampire identity, and just feel like a woman. She doesn't want to take her vampire queen responsibility anymore. She's forgotten that she had willingly left heaven to guide them because she loved them so much. Honestly, I don't think the love she felt for Ben/Stephen (I'll refer to him as Ben) is any match for her love for Charles. I'm really hoping that in the last book is a twist, and Sky isn't really half human, that Charles is her father. There are little clues. In Bloody Valentine, when Allegra got the visions of Sky she had mention that she had Charles hair. Plus Sky has the archangel mark. Originally I thought it was because she's Allegra's daughter, but Bliss is also Allegra's daughter and there's no mention of a mark on her.

The ending of the book was amazing. With a twist I didn't see coming. Mimi nor Jack can kill the other. There's only one other way to undo their bond; the one who made them must unmake them. Which turns out to be Lucifer.

I can't wait for the last book to come out, and finally get some final answers. Especially what happened in Florence? Who lives happy ever after? And what is the deal with Sky's dad?

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