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Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn
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Oct 04, 11

did not like it


When you read the news online or in the paper it’s usually about things like murders or car crashes or people who died. I only have one question; why is everybody wasting their lives reading all the bad news in life? I mean the news could be about good things like veterans or about things like what kids are learning about in school, even about things that are currently going on in our town. We should stop wasting the news on the negative things in life and focus on the positive. Just like how in the news we focus on all of the negative, Cyd Charisse in Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn Cyd doesn’t focus on the good things at all. She fights with her mother Nancy and with her boyfriend Shrimp a lot. Cyd has trouble finding herself and her true identity. Cyd then breaks up with Shrimp and goes to New York City to meet her dad and his family. Her actions create all of her problems though. For example, when she breaks up with her boyfriend it’s because she is too protective. Also she goes to New York City because she got in a fight with her mother about staying out too late with her boyfriend. Throughout the story Cyd Charisse learns not to take life for granted. In my opinion this book was not very appropriate. It was very wrong how Cyd would throw herself at boys and that’s the only thing she worried about. I would not recommend this book to anyone especially kids. I also wouldn’t recommend this book to parents for you may fear that your children are doing these things that this girl does. Please, take caution while reading this book.

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I understand that this review is a few months old, and that this isn't really the point- but you truly think that we should have kids learning in school on the news, and not, I don't know, ACTUAL NEWS? It sounds to me like you'd rather ignore reality and live in a fantasy land where veterans are treated with respect and there isn't genocide occurring, and just have everyone ignore others' suffering. So unhealthy and entirely ignorant.

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