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A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris  Evans
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May 10, 08

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Read in May, 2008

** spoiler alert ** It amazes me how many different ways people can write about elves. Everyone has their own opinion to what elves are like, but one thing that remains constant is the tie of elves to nature. And "A Darkness Forged in Fire" is no different.

The thing that really stood out to me was the fact that some elves use muskets, and the main character, Konowa actually hates the forest. It really helped make the Iron Elves or the "fallen ones" stand out among other elves I have read.

The book had a strong opening that grabbed me from the get-go. Evans is heavy on the militaristic breakdown and that isn't something I usually go for. A lot of time spent in camps and going on about the breakdown of the regiment. While being well written, it got old after a while, as did the idiot prince in charge. In the beginning Konowa complains he's going to have to baby-sit the prince until he becmes a man and I was hoping to see a little of that transformation. Granted, this is only the first book of either a series or a trilogy so I hope to see more from that transformation as the tale continues.

All in all not a bad read and I did enjoy it, however I perfer a little more character development. The only feeling I really got from that was Alwyn, a lad fresh out of the village seemingly unsuited for military life and Yimt, a surly dwarf who goes from saying the best way to stay alive is to stay away from battle, to leading a scout party in the most dangerous area.
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Jeff Abby..sounds like we mostly had the same opinion on the lack of character development, with the exception of Alwyn and Yimt. Those 2 characters were really the only thing that made the book tolerable for me (though the military specific stuff was good, too).

Abigail Jeff,

I just read though your indepth review and I agree with just about everything you said. The love interest was way too obvious and seemed like it was trying to hard to be one of those bickering couple relationships that never really make it.

And as far as the world building goes, I feel like Evans knows more about his world but forgets that people arn't as familiar with it yet so some details slide by, thus leaving us in confusion. Some areas of the world were richly constucted where others seemed to pass by and use the general grunt soldier to explain the setting rather than someone familiar with the area.

I found some of the parts with Konowa to be good, mainly when he's having internal conflict but, like you Alwyn and Yimt held the book together.

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