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Lessons in Murder by Claire McNab
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Oct 01, 2011

really liked it
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Read from September 28 to October 01, 2011

So I have finally got around to start the Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery series and I have to say that while the storyline was a little frustrating the story itself and the writing were very good. Bill, a teacher at Bellwhether High is found in the industrial arts room MURDERED!!! Positioned at a desk with the murder weapon pointing at his eye, upon further inspection the cause of death is found to be a Black and Decker to the base of the skull! Who would commit such a horrendous crime and in such a well respected school? Enter, Detective Inspector Carol Ashton, assigned to the case not only for her great reputation but also because Bill just happens to be the son of a prominent man in the community, one with possible connections to things higher than government influence. Carol starts working the case and is lead astray by pretty much every suspect in the school. First up is Sybil whose estranged husband was the best friend of the victim and some even say he was the reason for the separation. Other suspects pop up as the story continues: A student who found out that Bill was sleeping with students, the girl who was pregnant by Bill, a few teachers who knew about Bill's tendencies like Edwina the plump busybody, Lynne the jealous vixen, and Terry the stalker with a bad temper. As things unfold in the story, Carol and Sybil discover a mutual attraction to each other and against Carol's better judgement they end up sleeping together. Much to Carol's chagrin (knowing the pratfalls of getting involved with a straight woman) Sybil regrets what she has done claiming it to be unnatural, although it does not stop her from enjoying Carol again. Then the calls start, first it was Sybil, threatening to chop her head off and calling her a randy little bitch. Then come the reports of Edwina, Lynne and another teacher getting similar calls and then Carol finds out about the letters that the principal has been receiving and subsequently destroying, all except the last one. Of course no evidence can be obtained from the letters or the phone calls so again, everyone is a suspect. The case really turns when Sybil's husband is found dead thrown off a cliff, Sybil didn't even know he had come back and was surprised to realize that he was at Bill's house as Sybil and Bill were having an argument. As Carol investigates further she realizes two things: Sybil is not guilty and in danger and that she is overly attracted to her. As Carol narrows down the suspect list to just one person she realizes that imminent danger lies ahead and she must act quickly! Is the murderer the plain laced Edwina, one of the students that knew about the proclivities of Bill, Terry the overprotective stalker of Sybil, Sybil's estranged husband, or Lynne the temptress that wanted to be with Bill. Will Carol be able to save Sybil? Will their attraction bloom into something more? One thing is for sure Detective Inspector Carol Ashton always gets her man and her woman!
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