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When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling by Tom  Collins
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Oct 15, 2011

really liked it
Read from October 08 to 15, 2011

When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling by Tim Collins is a sweet and comforting read about two young men at different points in their life and making their way through it together.

Oliver and Liam are two young men who have their own hang ups in life. One does not "do relationships" whilst the other is always easily losing his heart to another person. Together they fit each other perfectly: Liam is messy but Oliver, who has this need to save people mentality, will clean up after him. Oliver tries to get Liam to be better but he never quite gets there, which I thought was a lovely touch because it showed how the two men did not try to change the other but instead found ways to accept each other's differences.

This book was a different sort of read for me because it explored the relationship between a gay guy and a guy just coming to terms with the fact that he might be bisexual. Having never read any books on bisexuality before I wasn't quite sure what to expect of the relationship between the two main characters.

I'm glad that I had the chance to read When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling. While there were gaping loopholes in this book, like why Liam had the sudden urge to want to "experiment" with a guy when all his life he has only had relationships with females (who he believed he was n love with). However, the authors were able to do justice to the story by writing an ending that was just the touch needed to make this book perfect

Collins is a new author to me and is someone who I will definitely be going back to.

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