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Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester
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Sep 27, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011 — I own a copy

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester tells the story of Tacky, a very different penguin than his friends. His friends are named Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect. It's obvious right away just by his name that Tacky doesn't fit in. As you read about Tacky, he does everything different than the other penguins. They dive gracefully, but Tacky cannon balls in. They march in step, and Tacky is all over the place. One day though, hunters come to where the penguins live looking to trap them for money. The other penguins hide, but Tacky approaches the hunters and begins to show that there are no penguins. Tacky begins to sing off key (penguins are known for their beautiful singing) and the other penguins begin to join in. The hunters run away when they can't take it anymore, and the penguins quickly realize that Tacky is a great penguin to have around.

I loved reading about Tacky, as I never had before. This is a great story to read to teach students that it's ok to be different from everyone else, and that sometimes your differences may help you in certain situations. On the cover is a border image of a picture from the story. Tacky is face to face with the hunters in his Hawaiian shirt. The background color is blue, reminding me of the glacier setting. On the back are the "normal" penguins with their noses in the air and Tacky simply walking behind them. The cover page has Tacky doing a cartwheel, which is from the story as well. There is a mix between full-bleed images and border images. At some points, the border image blends into the background and it is hard to distinguish when there is a border. The images are simple, but they showcase how different Tacky is. One of my favorite pictures if Tacky in his swim suit with an inner tube as he waits in line for the other penguins to dive in so that he can do his cannonballs into the water. The pictures always have Tacky with a smile on his face, while his friends are very stuck up. They often have their noses in the air, and their names add to the fact that they think they are better than Tacky. Tacky stands up for himself when the hunters come, and the other penguins only join in when they realize that they need to make the hunters go away. Tacky saved the penguins, and they were grateful at the end. If I were Tacky I would be happy that I was different, and that I was able to save my friends from the hunters. By the end of the story I wanted to read it again and fell in love with Tacky and his ability to be different than his friends. This story teaches a great lesson, and I think any student would enjoy reading this book.
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