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Dark Predator by Christine Feehan
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Sep 27, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy-romance, vampire, sensuous
Read from September 27 to 29, 2011

** spoiler alert ** 'If this is what you need - truly need - my obedience to your will in that moment, it will be themost important thing inthe world to me. No matter how hard. I meant what I said when I asked you to stay. I serve youout of choice. I want your happiness.'

'I will always return to you - always, but I can only be who I am, Marguarita. I want to bge gentle for you. I want to give you all the things you deserve. I will always expect you to follow my lead...'

'I want who you are, Zacarias, but I expect you to follow the vows you swore to me. I want to be cherished. I want you to have in mind my happiness when you make your decisions. And youhave to know I will always be me. I will make up my own mind whin I feel you are wrong.'

Marguarita - bred to provide for the De La Cruz's - protection, blood, home base, care of their holdings... she was raised at one of their haciendas. And in the last book, she would not tell of the sleeping place of the DeLaCruz's, and a vampire tore her throat. Zacarias gave her his blood to keep her alive, but now she cannot speak. She lives in the main house, and represents the DeLaCruz's to the employees and to the neighbors. Her psychic power is in her affinity/communication with animals.

And after the De La Cruz's defeated the Malinov's, crippling their preparation against Mikhail, because Zacarias joined them.

Zacarias is the oldest De La Cruz brother. There is a darkness that has always been in him, a darkness his father had, which made them both supereme warriors. And apparently Zacarias' father was only to ward off complete darkness when his mother was near - to the point of bringing her with him to fight the vampire... and when his lifemate was killed, he turned vampire, and Zacarias had to embrace his darkness to defeat his father, stop him from hurting others, and to protect his younger brothers. He pushed his emotions to the point the disappeared early. He is a fierce warrior, for 1,000 years - acting only from honor, not passion, not emotion, not caring.

After the last battle, and with all his brother's with their lifemates, he knows it is time to die - he is too close to the edge, and must end it before his brothers are forced hunt him. And though he doesn't understand why, he is drawn to the ranch where Marguarita lives. He has not healed himself since the battle, losing much blood, and exhausted he positions himself to be able to watch marguarita as she is riding the horse. And he feels the sun, and pushes the pain away, looking for peace. But when marguarita realizes what he is doing, she rushes to him, and though he orders her away, she pulls him inside out of the sun, saving his life.

And hence they begin... he doesn't feel a lifemate the way of the other Carpathians... at first he thinks she is bewitched... but finally realizes she is his lifemate. He slowly begins to feel emotions, and to see colors - but only when mind connected to her, and it grows as their physical closeness increases. She is fearful - she mixes him up with the vampire attack, she works to do her duty. And when she enters hi mind, and 'sees' his aloneness, she can connect to him as she does to the animal.

And he wants to master her... and she wants to give him what he needs - and she comes to trust him that he will cherish her and not hurt her, but she must also be true to herself.... hmmmm and when she is in his soul, her light fills in the holes, the holes left from all the battles he has been in... but when needed, he cuts himself off from her, returns to the nonemotional warrior and wins his battles - something she appreciates, because it ensures his success. And his greatest fear is that he will put her in harms way the way his father did his mother, because of his great need of her...

There is a wrenching scene when a vampire hunter tricks his way into her house, beating her to make her tell where Zacarias sleeps. Zacarias is awake and orders her to tell him (so that she won;t be hurt), but she refuses - taking the beating, buying time to bring it closer to night when he will be more powerful. and in retaliation, in anger, in fear, he forces the third exchange of blood so that she will become Carpathian - and she turns from him in the agony of the conversion - which brings him to a place where he more fully understands her love for him, that motivated her to protect him.

But when he calls her to help him, she goes mentally immediately to him - to reinforce his strength, and then brings the helicopter to him to bring him to safety.

and when he is healed, they both better understand their connection, their love, and the sacrifices both need to make.
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