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Vanish by Sophie Jordan
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Sep 27, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: dragons
Read on October 01, 2011

Where to start?

First, the begining was awesome I was for once happy for Tamra!

Second, I pretty much hated Jacinda through out this entire book, the decisions she made, the feelings she had, and the positions she put herself in.

Third, I HATED the ending. HATED IT. I thought Firelights ending was annoying, but this book, this monstrosity, if I would have been holding the book in my hand when I finished I would have thrown it, maybe even ripped it apart. (By chance I was reading it on the computer so no damage was inflicted) That is how furious the ending of this book made me.

Fourth, I actually felt bad for Cassian in this book. Poor fella :(

Ok so the book starts off with an awesome twist, I was actually really excited about this book and the new turn it was taking. I found myself un able to tear my eyes away from the book, just devouring up the pages like it was a picture book. I thnk it was some where about half way through the book when I started shifting gears, the Jacina I was reading now seemed different, annoyingly different. But maybe, now that I think about it, maybe that's just who she's been since the beginning. Her decision making is horrible, it's like the decisions she comes to are purposly there to infuriate the reader. So many times I found myself litterally yelling at the pages, screaming at Jacinda, "WTF are you doing this????" It's like she had the answers all set in front of her, yet for some dumb ass reason she wants to put herself in the position to have no control. I hate Jacinda, I want to smack her across the face for being so useless, naieve, and just plain ignorant. I feel in the end, Jacina is the perfect martyr, and for that I am not sure if I will want to read the next book in this series.

Ok so I kind of went on a rant there, sorry. I don't even think this review is a good source of information to other possible readers. But there it is anyway. I can't take the way this book ended, I'm still so incredibly frustrated and I just had to let the reading community know, what a sad dissapoinment this book was in my mind.

Two star rating because there were some good parts, It really could have been a lot worse. It just wasn't what I personally was excpecing from what I read in the first book of this series, it just seemed like the first one had a lot of thought put into it wher this one seems rushed. (The ranting never ends :p )

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