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Eleventh Grade Burns by Heather Brewer
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Oct 03, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on October 02, 2011

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This book.
This book has given me more emotion than I ever thought possible. Like...I thought My Sister's Keeper was bad. But Eleventh Grade Burns flew me out a window and laughed at my misery. I screamed at it, I cheered at it, I wanted to throw it down (for reasons of raging dread). If you are avoiding this because of vampires, don't avoid it. Please. This is good YA.

The story is about Vlad's junior year at Bathory High. It's gonna suck(hahaha), and he's dreading his Uncle Otis's trial for killing another vampire, which is forbidden. When an old enemy shows up on Vlad's doorstep, Vlad goes, "I gotta stop him! Looks like it's up to ME!"

Let's break this baby down:

Heather Brewer is a devilish mastermind. She opens the story with the return of Joss, Vlad's former friend and hard-at-work vampire slayer. So when I think, "Lol, this whole book is following Joss's evil intentions again like Ninth Grade Slays! Come at me!", Brewer says with an evil laugh, "What the fuck are you thinking? I actually DEEPEN a story, bitch! I'm gonna tear your expectations to shreds."

And so, I was flown on a roller coaster of happiness, sadness, revenge, betrayal, and just plain old fuckery. Too many times I cheered and said, "FUCK YES!" Too many times I said, "NOOOO EXCUSE ME WTF R U DOING." Heather Brewer's style never fails to kick some major ass in the story-driving department. Regrettably there is the same problem as before where there isn't much poetic imagery, nothing that really gives me that magic, there are no phrases that really just blow my mind. However, I think that's okay, and I think the reason is because there isn't anything too poetic about vampires feeding on humans. Haw.

Also, her pacing remains golden and brilliant. Never let your pacing falter, Brewer. You're a stud and I love ya. <3

Diving into the characters, Vlad doesn't get as much development as he did in the previous book, but that didn't stop him from being a brave half-vampire with a realistic sense of morals. He doesn't want Otis, Vikas, and the other vampires to kill Joss when he comes back to Bathory. He wants to at least try to regain whatever friendship they had. Vlad is, and I will always say this, a great vampire character. He makes good decisions, and when he does snap and goes on a lil' vamp rampage, I can understand why; it isn't reckless, unnecessary and stupid. There are great moments of Vlad's triumphs and I can't help but praise him.

Dorian was introduced (view spoiler) in this story as a vampire with the taste for vampire blood. At first, I was too creeped out by him to enjoy his presence, but the further I got into the story, the more I saw his importance and strange enough, he grew on me faster than I realized where Brewer was going with him. I think what made him such an excellent character was that he wasn't a bad guy, but he had a number of antagonistic qualities, and I love how Brewer brought them in. He was threatening, and yet he was helpful at the same time. Just a brilliantly done character, Brewer; high five to you.

D'Ablo wasn't as abundant in this installment of The Adventures of Vladdy Tod. But when he did arrive, I couldn't help but smile. He is also a beautiful villain (not physically but written out). He is wily, smart, cruel, and just so much like a gentleman that I can't hate him. Also his spats with Vlad are so entertaining to me that I get giddy whenever Vlad encounters him. D'Ablo makes me a happy camper.

Joss was one of the more humorous antagonists here. He and Vlad's conflict almost seemed like a sitcom/chick-flick type, and that was a nice break from the craziness. (view spoiler)

Oh there are so many other characters: Snow is adorable and cute, Eddie I want to punch in the face; Brew does a good job at making him so easy to hate, Otis cause he's just a badass, Nelly because she's a sweetie, Vikas and his Russian-ness is also precious. He's like...Vlad's unofficial grandpa (view spoiler).

This book held up the power of its previous installments, and the book's end threatens my life. I must finish this series or I will not live to see the end of this week. I'm sad that there is but one book left in the tales of Vladimir Tod, but I AM glad that every book has lived up to its name and I really can't wait for Twelfth Grade Kills.

(Lol, I read this whole brilliant thing in one day and I can't make myself go that fast through Matched. Bahaha)
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0.0% "Because I'm gonna be drawn to this more than Matched at the moment..."
10/02/2011 page 4
1.0% "Aw jeez Joss is back. I'm already feeling distraught. GAAAH VLAD KILL 'IM!"
10/02/2011 page 13
4.0% "Vlad, Joss, LITERALLY, stabbed you in the back two books ago. Whyyyyyy are you still thinking he's your friend? SET HIM STRAIGHT OTIS! <3"
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10/02/2011 page 25
8.0% "LOL Snow is being compared to the goodness of a Big Mac."
10/02/2011 page 30
10.0% ""I...I love her, Vladimir. I want to make her my bride." YES. OH MY GOSH. I KNEEEW IT!"
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11.0% "I fucking love you, Henry."
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12.0% "Son of Psycho Slasher Chainsaw Guy. That is the movie Vlad is seeing. I snorted."
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26.0% "HENRY, YOU STUD. <3 And I'm loving Joss's mannerisms at the moment. So evil."
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34.0% "LOL what is a cult leader doing at a dance club?"
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37.0% "Good to see you again, Eddie..."
10/02/2011 page 132
43.0% "Yes Vlad! TAKE INITIATIVE! BE the excellent main character. Image and video hosting by TinyPic"
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47.0% "Props to Meredith for not being a stupid bitch. Henry does deserve a slap for breaking up with his girlfriend via text message. Dumb lil' boy."
10/02/2011 page 163
53.0% "D'Ablo is such a great antagonist. Not always lethal, not always calm and collected. He's the right balance of KILLKILLKILL, and Albert Wesker's clever bastard attitude."
10/02/2011 page 173
56.0% "I cannot get over the fact that Brewer drives this entire book with story. There is no fluff here. Everything ever mentioned and talked about drives the plot in some way/shape/form. BREWER, I LOVE YOU."
10/02/2011 page 182
59.0% "I wanna know who the hell Cecile is."
10/02/2011 page 199
64.0% "Snow is SO PRECIOUS. <3"
10/02/2011 page 212
69.0% "Dorian creeps me out man because of this (I apologize for being too lazy to scan it). His voice makes him seem burly and tough: Image and video hosting by TinyPic" 3 comments
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70.0% "Vlad, you're such a cutie."
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77.0% "........This book makes me so confused. BREWER YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS. I HATE YOU."
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78.0% "skdjbvlkajsdbg CURSE YOU, EDDIE POE."
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82.0% "BAHAHAHA shows you, Eddie."
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84.0% "CREEPSTER DORIAN. Soooo creepy."
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88.0% "Otis nooooo! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!"
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89.0% "Herp, I jump to conclusions way too quickly..."
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91.0% "AHHH MY GOD. Brewer, yer killin' me."
10/02/2011 page 298
96.0% "I'm in a glass case of emotion."
10/02/2011 page 307
99.0% ""'I have foreseen the comings of kings and the crumbling of empires. But I never saw...this'" DORIAAAAAAAAAN! DOOOORIAAAAN!"
10/02/2011 page 309
100.0% "...................Words. They cannot describe what I am feeling right now. I'm's coming. I'm gonna go cry forever for the next few minutes."
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