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Hunger by Michael  Grant
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Nov 03, 2014

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2011

Also posted on the GONE fan forums

The issue I have with Hunger is the inverse of the Issue I had with Gone.

In Gone, it was mainly about the Character Development and the action was secondary till the end. So at times it did kind of drag on but was still good.

In Hunger, it's the opposite. Action is the forefront but it does seem as if the Character development is secondary.


The Zekes--The slugs that were mutated were incredibly gross. I remember reading when I was outside and kept looking at the ground expecting a Zeke to get me lol. It was a great sorta of foe for the book.

Drake---Once Again, Drake is a stand out character in this book.

Diana-- Arguably the best Female in this book, is amazing in this book as she was in Gone and I love her snarkiness.

Astrid--Astrid in Gone...annoying. Astrid in Hunger(and Lies and Plague) is more interesting. She is hated by many Gone fans. I initially hated Astrid but now that I am going back and re-reading the books her actions in this and the next 2 books were great. I love the Struggle with her religion, morality and the life experiences of the Fayz.

Human Crew--- YES! This is the introduciton of the Human Crew which is basically the Anti-Moof group and this is why Hunger is currently my second favorite book out of the 4 released. They were Epic in this book. They were jerks but unlike Crazy Drake, I can sort of empathize with them.

The Final Showdown---O...M..Freaking...G
That is all I have to say. My breath was held tightly the whole time(Miles better than the one of Gone, which was great).


Sastrid(Sam and Astrid)--- Unlike the Caina(Caine and Diana) relationship, Sastrid just bores me. The reason why Caina are so interesting is one moment Caine can be evil and then he has a glimmer of redemption and Diana is not as bad as she seems.
Sam and Astrid are Mary/Marty Sues.....They are both two sweet/nice so it seems like they are PERFECT for each other so any conflict they have is usually unbelievable. I believe the tensions of Caina but Sastrid's tension just seems like...a dead storyline.

Gaiaphage-- For this to be the big Bad of the Series, the gaiaphage is useless to me. He only works best when he is using someone else to do his work. In most stories the big bad still uses minions and slaves to do his work BUT he also does his own work. The Gaiaphage just sits in a cave.....

Hunger is great and my favorite in the series after Plague.

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