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Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein
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Sep 27, 2011

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Read in September, 2011

I thought I'd go back to some classic science fiction to see how it stacked up against the modern world. In this case, Heinlein, whom I remembered as one of the inspirations of my teenage years, doesn't stack up so well. Starship Troopers often becomes a lecture on the organization of the military (the way Heinlein thinks it should be done) and bureaucracy in general. The plot is thin and the resolution unsatisfying. We never really find out enough about the enemy -- the "Bugs" -- to make them a credible threat. And the only character who's developed enough so that you begin to care about him is dropped halfway through the novel and briefly mentioned in passing at the end. Still, Heinlein does completely inhabit his imaginary world of space travel and inter-galactic warfare and he puts you in it convincingly. It's just not a great novel.

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message 1: by Piet (new)

Piet Opperman Speaking for myself, my teenage fascination with Heinlein had more to to do with his ideas of "free love", polyamory, and people who didn't wear any clothes. The best in class of this genre was "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" now practically the handbook for the polyamory movement, or what survives of it.

Nick Ah, Piet, the good old days....Unfortunately, it's Earth that's now a harsh mistress, and the good old days will never come again.....

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