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He Beat Past My Skin by Jessica Green
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May 01, 13

Read from April 29 to 30, 2013

Septic Wounds

Dr. Angela Morrison agreed to host a women’s meeting in hopes of assisting the women in the church and community to discuss any concerns that they have with men, children and life in general. Angela was skeptical about how genuine the ladies would be in front of others, but she’d wanted to help any woman that she could, as a way of finally helping her own mother, who was a victim of domestic violence.

Anita Harrison, Ernestine Johnson, Toni Brown and Candace Carter have more in common than the other knows. As they listen to the other pour out their reasoning for being there, they can see themselves in their situations. As Angela finds a way to help them work through all of the pain, guilt, tears and secrets, she reveals a new light for each woman to see themselves in. Will Anita, Ernestine, Toni and Candace follow the path to a new life? Or are they destined to remain victims?

What Angela doesn’t realize is that the lives of the attendees force her to deal with deep dark secrets from her past. Is she ready to come out of the dark?

HE BEAT PAST MY SKIN by Jessica Green is an emotional one. This author definitely unleashes a wealth of fear and pain as readers follow through stories dealing with beatings, rapes, hate, vengeance, prostitution, pornography, secrets and lack of self-awareness. It is impossible for the reader not to feel completely immersed in the stories. While I recommend this book and pray that any woman living this reality seeks immediate help, I also warn that this is not an easy book to read.

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04/29/2013 page 3
0.0% "When life happens, sometimes all you can do is live it the best way you know how."
04/29/2013 page 16
4.0% "Sometimes you do get what you ask for."
04/29/2013 page 19
5.0% "I've learned there certainly is a thin line between love and hate"
04/29/2013 page 20
6.0% "Love is complex"
04/29/2013 page 31
9.0% "There's no sense in worrying about something you can't change."
04/29/2013 page 33
10.0% "You're the only person with the ability to cause a desired change in your life."
04/29/2013 page 34
11.0% "Life is about choices and consequences."
04/29/2013 page 34
11.0% "If you want different consequences, you have to make different choices."
04/29/2013 page 34
11.0% "Life is much shorter than you think."
04/29/2013 page 35
11.0% "We cannot control the behavior of others, but we can control how we respond to their actions"
04/29/2013 page 36
11.0% "If you love and respect yourself, others will too."
04/29/2013 page 42
13.0% "All decisions have consequences."
04/30/2013 page 112
36.0% "Life has many shades of gray"
04/30/2013 page 112
36.0% "Eventually all wounds heal."
04/30/2013 page 113
37.0% "Life happens, you can either make the choice to accept whatever it offers you, or you can decide to reject the offer and do something different"
04/30/2013 page 113
37.0% "Everyone has the ability to choose the life that they want to live."
04/30/2013 page 114
37.0% "All wounds bleed the same"
04/30/2013 page 119
39.0% "Humiliation is a strong catalyst for change."
04/30/2013 page 121
39.0% "Love is not a reason to endure tragedy."
04/30/2013 page 123
40.0% "Tears are the body's method of cleansing the soul."
04/30/2013 page 124
40.0% "When you don't know yourself, it's easy to conform to someone else's image of you."
04/30/2013 page 159
52.0% "Our memories, both the good and the bad ones, serve a purpose in our lives."
04/30/2013 page 162
53.0% "Regardless of our class, profession, or race, we all have one thing in common; we all crave love."
04/30/2013 page 209
68.0% "None of us are immune to life's pain."
04/30/2013 page 219
72.0% "When you continually re-live your past, you void the present, and you discard your future."
04/30/2013 page 243
79.0% "Stop carrying the weight of your past on your shoulders"
04/30/2013 page 244
80.0% "Live your future not your past."
04/30/2013 page 244
80.0% "Wisdom is gained through life's trial and errors."
04/30/2013 page 258
84.0% "Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to prompt us to seek help."
04/30/2013 page 302
99.0% "Many people spend a lifetime chasing the impossible:dream, friendship, relationship, happiness, or love, and they forget to live in the moment. They forget to enjoy that which is right in front of them; to love themselves enough to create their own happiness; to celebrate life's joys and to grieve and let go of life's woes; to live for today instead of for tomorrow or for yesterday."
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