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The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber
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Feb 21, 11

Read in May, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Ugh. This book, and the length had nothing to do with it, took me about three weeks to read. (If it was any good it would have taken about a week, even with its 700 pages).

This book was beyond bad. If I could give it zero stars I would. Not only was the writing atrocious, but the narration was awful--I hate it when the narrator is not only third person omniscient but also directly addresses the reader in a very obnoxious voice that basically drove me mad.

I have to say that the book was probably very well researched, but it was on some level, really an examination of a very small segment of society--and while I think that he captured Sugar's evolution in thought and place in the world in a very interesting fashion, I failed to be drawn into caring for anyone in this story--with the exception of Agnes (maybe).

It is however, ironic that the only survivor in this entire story is the widow M. Emmeline Fox, but I don't really buy Sugar's actions at the end as one a sane woman would take.

I just have to say it was BAD BAD BAD BAD. However if you're reading for the smut and the sex--you just might like it more then me (but if I wanted that stuff I'd just read a romance novel, at least the plots are better).
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Stephanie I felt exactly the same way you did reading this. I thought it was crude and the narration was annoying. I just couldn't finish it.

Lorena Drapeau i so agree. matter of fact my review said the same thing. every time i got to one of his inane "you step on to the street corner" crap i wanted to gag. i kept shutting the book in disgust but luckily he did chill out with the holding of our hands and eventually let us take grown up steps.

Jocelyn I'm sorry I paid $10 for it at Walmart instead of waiting for a yard sale.

Mandy Exactly! Well said. If he'd kept up with the second person narration much longer I would have stopped reading. If only I had stopped...

message 5: by Deb (new) - rated it 2 stars

Deb Couldn't agree more. And the ending wreaked of an author not knowing how to resolve storylines, so he oh so charmingly just says good-bye. Ugh.

Viktor Janiš I just have to say this was a BAD BAD BAD BAD review. You probably would not recognize an excellent book if it jumped on you in a dark passage and bit you in your ass.

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