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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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Oct 13, 2011

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Read from September 26 to October 13, 2011

I don't know why I've taken so long to do this review. I wish I had done it right away with all my thoughts fresh. Let me just say that I agreed pretty much with those that I read that gave the book one star. I didn't give it a one star because it did keep me reading. I didn't put it down because I kept hoping for the magic of the first three books. I kept hoping for something major to happen with Simon.

I think I wrote on my FB page that I'd heard this book would be from Simon's point of view. Maybe it was meant that a lot of the focus or drive of the plot was about Simon. I suppose it was. (view spoiler)

And Jace. Oh my, I liked him pretty much in previous books, but the constant reminders of how perfect and beautiful he is got old. Especially because he was depressed the entire book. I didn't feel sorry for him because I no longer liked him. He whined a lot, and that whole love you like the breath I breathe thing with some YA just because insufferable.

I was just okay with the number of relationships in this story. Too many in one book, I think. Too many in trouble. I was glad to see Magnus and Alec back. (view spoiler)

I feel like everyone who disliked the book in that the series should have stopped at book three. I wasn't fond of who the ultimate bad guy in this book was and HATED the ending. I HATE HATE HATE (I can't say it enough) where this is leading for the next book.

So that's my review. I wanted to be gentler with this as I hate bad reviews, but I will end on it's still an entertaining read that keeps you turning pages, if only to discover where the author was going and to hold to the series.

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