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Common Sense by Thomas Paine
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Sep 26, 2011

it was amazing

There once was a great country, whose Kings and Queens, decided by birth and not merit, were crowned by the Holy Church, which was wedded to the State. The people were told by this twin power what to believe and how to go about believing. A group of men were fortuitous and brave enough to break free, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson among them, who sought to create a new and more perfect union which would be symbolized by the unfinished pyramid, whose capstone replaced an earthly King for the Eye of Providence, God. God would be the spiritual King of this great Nation and no earthly King or Aristocracy would rule it. The people would be set free. Free to live by their own lights under God, worshiping Him as they saw fit. Given this new Liberty, they would help others in securing it, regardless of Creed. Further, to insure these people would live in Freedom, and the new found country would not fall into the same trap it's mother country had, the State was separated from the Church, of which the New Union had no official one, to insure in this New 'RE' PUPLIC of people, there would no longer be a Church-State controlliing the lives of it's subjects. Rather, the people would ELECT their leaders and worship as they saw fit. The power decidedly shifted from the political leader and heads of Church to the people...which is what the American Revolution was all about.

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