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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
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Nov 20, 08

This may be the only book that I have read 4 times, but for times the charm.
My sister spoke wonders of this book and how it helped her quit. A few years back I borrowed it from her, read it, and was able to quit for about a month and a half. Then, in stupidity, on a drinking night out I bummed one,and then was quickly about a pack a day. Earlier this year I felt ready to try again. In April I checked it out of the library, read it, and quit for about four days. I night out did me in a agian. I renewed the book the maximum number of times, read it once more, but it did not work. In Septemeber I read Malcolm X and thought in general that a lot of things are possible for me if I focus and get read of the partying and distractions. This time, in early October I bought the book. I read it quickly, finishind it on October 15th. Today is November 20th, and I'm still a non-smoker. Also I'm confident this time has worked and I'll never smoked again.
This book works I believe because he systematically breaks down the reasons smokers say they smoke, and states why these reasons are invalid and the opposite is true, that smoking actually harms these perceptions. These are the four believes he concentrates on: BOREDOM, STRESS, RELAXATION, CONCENTRATION. His instruction tells the reader not to quit smoking until the end of the book. This way the reader reads a chapter, thinks about it, and when he or she smokes, is really aware of the points the author makes in the book. He states things like a cigarette is no different after a meal, or with coffee, that it's a mind trick or trap that the smoker fell into. Another thing he states is that there is no such thing as enjoying a cigarette, that every smoker wishes he or she never started. If you said that to someone smoking in a verbal exchange, they wouldn't listen. But somehow the solitary act of reading, the reader really does mull it over, and it does sink in.
This is a great book, because it puts people in the right frame of mind to quit. The must important suggestion by the author is for people to think they are not giving anything up by quitting but must think of the positive change that will result from quitting. He explains that with the well power method people feel like something they enjoy is being taken away from them. He also says that with boredom or stress, that those things would be the same without cigarettes, the cigarette doesn't change your situation or life.
This is great for the shortterm, but for the long term, I suggeest people buy a copy. It has some invaluable chapters like if you want just one cigarette that may help the ex-smoker maybe even years later.
I'm exited about not smoking and making life changes including cutting back on drinking so I can focus on reading and writing.
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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth Happy and proud, Matt... that's how I felt as I read this. Keep it up! xoxo- Beth

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Anita Is it still working?

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