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The Rainmaker by John Grisham
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Sep 26, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

I’ve read a few Grisham novels and I have found them all to be entertaining (except Bleachers – Couldn’t get on board with that one. In fact after Bleachers I stopped reading Grisham, thinking he had lost his touch).

I saw “The Rainmaker” described as his best novel, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Bought it on Kindle. Glad I did, for I don’t feel any great need to have it taking up space in my library.

Don’t misunderstand me, though. I did enjoy the book and I had no trouble getting through it. I just say that to say that it was pretty typical of Grisham. Fun but not a collector’s item.

Some reviews are disparaging the book saying that the characters are rather one dimensional and therefore, unbelievable as real people. To them, I say: If you want believable, don’t read fiction.

I thought the characters were developed well enough so that the reader wanted the main characters to fair well and the bad guys to be punished and this is where the story fell short for me.


Rudy wins the case, but doesn’t get paid. I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for Drummond because he and his crew get spanked in court by a biased judge (whom I LOVED!!!) and lose the case but in the end don’t get paid by the faceless corporate insurance monster. Decker, the misfit with the heart of gold barely escapes with his life. The good guy gets the girl and they go off into the sunset.

In the end we are left to assume that Decker made the drop without incident and is living high on the hog after his great pay off. Rudy and Kelly go make a life for themselves in suburbia. Rudy become a history teacher and Kelly goes to school and completes a bachelor’s degree but in the end becomes the doting wife and mom and lives the rest of her days blissfully happy, loved by a good man who would never dream of raising a hand to her. I guess Cliff’s brothers and red-neck friends stop trying to find them and give up the idea of trying to kill her once they drive into the sunset. Drummond goes on to continue being a high-powered attorney and a power house in the court room. Booker, bless his heart, becomes partner in a few years and his wife ‘s social life is fulfilling and busy as she raises money for those in need and is of course the perfect lawyer’s wife and they live happily ever after in a Victorian-style two-story house with 2 beautiful, college bound kids. Miss Birdie goes back home and lives the rest of her life alone I guess and never hears from her kids again. Buddy never gets out of bed and dies in his sleep one night and Mrs. Black (sorry, her name escapes me right now) smokes herself into emphysema. She eventually dies in agony but with the peace that she made those sumbitches pay!

An easy story to read and certainly entertaining enough but the end fell off for me a little bit because we were left to make a LOT of assumptions about how everyone faired and I guess like to have everything neatly wrapped up at the end of a story. No loose ends. But that’s OK. I’ll still give it full marks because it did hit all my pleasure centers. For a soap-opera-type novel, it wasn’t at all vulgar so I didn’t have to compromise myself in anyway and what it was lacking in closure, I am more than capable to wrapping up in my own imagination.

This is book is not going to change your life or expand your vocabulary and you won’t be better for having read it but if you’re doing any International flying for if you’re laid up recovering from surgery, this is a fine book to keep you reasonably entertained.
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