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Belong to Me by Shayla Black
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She'd never required someone for her next breath the way she did Logan in that moment. God, she'd been hoping to bring them both closure, but now he felt like a part of her... so necessary to her existence.
Finally! Finally!! I was beginning to think it would never happen in the Wicked Lovers series, but Shayla Black finally gave me a heroine who was completely and totally worthy of the hero! Sure, Tara had her moments of insecurity and doubt, but she didn’t have those gawd awful annoying, “I belong to no man…” yadda, yadda, yadda, moments that the women in the previous books had. She’s an intelligent woman who, when she started having doubts about him, took the time to think things through and was willing to give Logan a chance to prove or explain himself. She was secure enough in herself and her abilities that she didn’t have to fight him at every opportunity to prove she was as smart, or as strong, or as capable as anyone else. Can I just tell you how refreshing that is, especially in this series?

And Logan. Wow…
"I'll try to keep my inner caveman at bay..."
Hey, baby, don't hold back on my account! Just sayin'...

So, anyway, I had no idea I’d love Logan as much as I do. Alpha? Oh, yeah! But not stupidly so. He was able to see and appreciate Tara’s abilities and while he absolutely wanted to protect her, he didn’t smother her. And his unconditional love felt so real to me.

The bottom line - Belong to Me had action, romance, holy hell hot BDSM scenes and a hero and heroine I could actually care about. The only thing missing was Jack (*sigh*) Cole. Despite some eye rolling moments and twists that felt somewhat forced, my faith has been restored in this series and I can’t wait for the next book, Mine to Hold, when we finally get – THANK YOU, SHAYLA BLACK – Tyler’s story!!!
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message 1: by thuy (new)

thuy nice review. i've only read the first book in this series and am not sure if i am going to continue, but i am glad that you liked this one so much.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you, thuy! Book 1 and 5 are my favorites! Did you like Wicked Ties or was it not your cuppa?

message 3: by thuy (new)

thuy i enjoyed wicked ties but i wasn't super compelled to run out and grab the next one. some of it seemed far fetched. like grandpa only bringing her stripper wear and her brother just popping at the most incriminating moment. as with a lot of romance books, she also forgave him way too quickly. i want some grovelling! should i skip to 5 or go through in order?

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish That's so hard to say, thuy. I was so disappointed in Deke's and Luc's stories, and at the same time, because I love Deke and Luc, I still rated them higher than they deserved. Deke and Luc were both asses in their books. I LOVED Hunter in book 4, but hated the heroine. You can read #5, but you'll miss on some of the earlier characters, like Tyler from book 3. It's up to you, really. I'm glad I read them all, even though I didn't love them all.

message 5: by Nissie (new)

Nissie Glad to see you loved this one, Dhes! I still need to get caught up on this series and you've given me something to look forward to. I am a little disappointed there's no Jack...
Great review :D

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thanks, Nissie!

Jack (*sigh*) Cole was in the last book, though. I mentioned him, a lot, in my review.

message 7: by Nissie (new)

Nissie I think I'll go read your review.....

message 8: by thuy (new)

thuy I hate going out of order anyway. I'll just continue on to book two. :)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Nissie wrote: "I think I'll go read your review....."

Don't be surprised to see so much mention of Jack *sigh* Cole.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish thuy wrote: "I hate going out of order anyway. I'll just continue on to book two. :)"

I hope you enjoy it!!

message 11: by Lynette (new)

Lynette I have this. I've only read one other in this series, but they seem pretty okay without reading the series in order. I only read the first chapter though. I was kinda weary about the high school he did me wrong thing. I hope that's not the major conflict in the book, because I'll be pissed.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish It's not so much like that. There's a reason, but honestly, Shayla Black's "deep dark secrets" are seldom deep or dark.

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter It was fun to read your review, Dhes!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thanks!! I'm glad! :)

Steamywindows♥♫ I am just reading this book now, Dhes, and I haven't read any of her others (I am fairly notorious for picking a book for it's story, and then finding out it is book x of ___! but I wanted to say, I think your review is superb! As always. steamy

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you, Steamy!! I appreciate that. I hope you're loving the book!

message 17: by Lacy (new)

Lacy I just picked this up at the library, not realizing that it was part of a series. Can these books stand alone in your opinion?

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Lacy wrote: "I just picked this up at the library, not realizing that it was part of a series. Can these books stand alone in your opinion?"

Yes, this particular book can be read OoO, Lacy. You might hear or meet characters from previous books, but there's nothing plot wise you'd lose by not reading the others.

message 19: by Lacy (new)

Lacy Thank you! =)

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . Hiya Dhes.. Love your review.. I want to read this one but just noticed its a series. Are they stand alone or do you need to read them in order?

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thanks, Hazel!

These books are not standalones, but they are not so tightly connected that you have to read them in order. What you'd miss is the relationship building/HEA of the earlier characters and the friendships, etc... but other than that I don't think they need to be read in order.

That said, book 1, Wicked Ties, is one of my very favorite erotic reads... not so much books 2 and 3. 4 is pretty good and then of course I really enjoyed 5.

Hope that helps!!!

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . Thanks for letting me know Dhes! I've read other series like that.. where the friendships and character build ups are in the previous books, so in order is the better way to go. I dont like reading books out of order.. LOL! I feel like I miss stuff.. Book 5 just sounded really good and I didnt want to take the time to wait and read it... but if book one is that good then perhaps I'll just start at the first and work my way through. :)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish If you like uber alpha crazy controlling super sexy BDSM freaks, DO read book 1. Jack Cole is... *sigh* let's just say, he can tie me up and spank my ass any day :)

The next two books... I loved both Luc and Deke in book 1, so I had such high expectations for their stories. They were okay. Not horrible if you can ignore their stupid OTT alpha asshole lame actions. But I'm probably in the minority on the way I feel about them. But I still rated them fairly high for how annoying the heroes were :)

message 24: by Ceej (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ceej Like you I am head over a** in love with Jack Cole and thoroughly missed him in this one.

message 25: by Jeanette (new) - added it

Jeanette is it necessary to read wicked ties in order?

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish You really don't have to read them in order, Jeanette, though I have to tell you, Wicked Ties, book 1, is awesome. Jack Cole.... *whew* be still my heart. I still get goose bumpy just thinking about him!

Angie Lambert I am reading Belong to Me right now and love it. Book 1 was not my favorite, book 2 and this one are by far my favorite. I am reading them in order even though they are not necessary. Thank you for your review and I loved the statement about not being a caveman, cracked me up.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish You're welcome! I'm glad you're loving it! Jack Cole will always hold a special place in my heart, but this book... all kinds of awesome!

Wminbc Yup...loved this one too!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I love this series!

message 31: by Lady Heather (new)

Lady Heather Nice review, Dhes! I read the first book in this series, and I'm sorry to say that it wasn't one of my fav's. I'm glad to know that the series does get better. Perhaps I'll take another look at it.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thank you, Lady H! I'd definitely give it not her go, if I were you!

Adriana Buiuca I really like your review. I also hated Kata and her constant shit "i can't surrender to him, i'll become like my mother, i will lose my independence" and all that crap. hunter in my opinion was amazing but kata....not so good.
I can hardly wait to read logan's story. You made me really curious :) i'm starting the book right now!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Thanks, Adriana! Let me know what you think of it!!

Adriana Buiuca Sure do ;)

Adriana Buiuca I finished reading Belong to me :) just amazing...i really loved it. You were right in your review. Great story and characters

message 37: by Saffron (new)

Saffron Amazing review hun! I need to check this series out :)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Supreet wrote: "Amazing review hun! I need to check this series out :)"

Thank you! Mwah!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Adriana wrote: "I finished reading Belong to me :) just amazing...i really loved it. You were right in your review. Great story and characters"

Soooooo glad you loved it!

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