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Confessions by Kate Brian
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Nov 06, 12

really liked it
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Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for

The Thomas Pearce murder mystery is SOLVED! Or is it?

Reed's newest boyfriend, Josh, was turned into the police for the murder of Thomas Pearce in the last PRIVATE book, UNTOUCHABLE. But to Reed, Josh is anything but a killer.

Now in CONFESSIONS, Reed has to not only prove to the police but also the Billings Girls and everyone else at Easton Academy that Josh is not the one that murdered Thomas. But how can she if no one else really believes her? Well, Noelle's boyfriend and Josh's best friend, Dash, are certain that Josh didn't do it and will definitely help Reed prove it, if only Noelle wouldn't be so suspicious.

But while Reed is playing Nancy Drew, everyone else at Easton Academy seems to be getting back to their lives, especially the other Billings Girls, who just want to party and really want Reed to get over Josh and the murder. But, of course, things at Easton still have to be weird for everyone. Take Noelle - it seems like there is someone out there in the world who would actually step up to her and outdo her. And that person is a Billings Girl. Arianna seems to be getting a little meaner toward Reed, and Taylor is still nowhere to be found or heard from.

Can Reed clear Josh's name? And will the murder of Thomas Pearce finally be solved? There just may be plenty of confessions in this next installment of the PRIVATE series.

Kate Brian does it once again with CONFESSIONS. As always, she makes sure to add twists and turns along with plenty of secrets and drama. And, with this book, she leaves the reader with the most shocking ending to date.

If you cannot wait for INNER CIRCLE to be released, I suggest you wait to read CONFESSIONS until it's out, because you'll need that next book!

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