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Luna by Julie Anne Peters
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Sep 26, 2011

it was amazing
Read in January, 2011

This book is getting really good. Luna wants to tell he's parents that he is a girl. Thats what he wants to be. No a man but a woman.
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Reading Progress

09/29/2011 page 21
8.0% "This book is very good. This book is like real life. And i can't wait to read more."
09/30/2011 page 27
11.0% "This book is getting really good. Luna wants to tell he's parents that he does not wait to be a boy anymore. He wants to be a girl. Because thats what he is whats he always wanted to be."
10/03/2011 page 48
19.0% "In the part i'm in now. People are being mad to luna. It makes me think of a time.When that was me."
10/04/2011 page 33
13.0% "So far Luna has found someone he likes. But to the guy he likes he's name is not Luna its his little sisters name. That made me think that the end of the chapter. Cause it sound like that was Luna's little sister for the longest time. Until it was time for the next class." 5 comments
10/05/2011 page 37
15.0% "Luna is hanging out with he's friends. They are playing video games. Luna's little sister say that's the way she knows that Luna is a boy." 2 comments
10/06/2011 page 38
15.0% "Luna's little sister is having a sleep over with some of her friend. One of her friend is in to opera. Like it;s not even funny. She now everything about opera. ANd she is teach Luna's little sister everything she now about opera."
10/13/2011 page 62
25.0% "Luna is now babysitting. But he is going to be fired. Because the parents of the kid does not like the way Luna is babysitting the kid. Poor Luna."
10/14/2011 page 72
29.0% "This book is getting better and better every time I read it. In the book today. Luna's little sister go into Luna's bedroom. After Luna didn't go to the door. She walks in Luna's room to find Luna on the floor. with pills all over the floor. Luna's little sister tries to make Luna throw them back up so he don't die. Luna throws all the pill back up."
10/14/2011 page 72
29.0% "After that Luna tells he's little sister that he wants to be a drug queen. And wants to have a SCO, which means sex change operation."
10/18/2011 page 248
100.0% "I'm done with reeding this book. I not wan't to tell what the ending is because I would rune the book for al of you. So I will leave it at that. But I think you should read this book."

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message 1: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin how is that book so far

Miranda The book is really good. I can't wait to read more over it.

message 3: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin it sounds like a good book

Miranda Yeah it is a really good book

message 5: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin is that the book the miss littlefield was talking about

Miranda Yeah i'm on chapter 2 and it's so good.

message 7: by Keshia (new)

Keshia it looks like a really good book.

message 8: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin It does sound really good

Miranda It is really good. I love it.

message 10: by Keith (new)

Keith sounds wierd

message 11: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin What is going on in the book right now?

Miranda Luna wants to tell he's paretns that he wants to be a girl instand of a boy

message 13: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin This book sounds so good

Miranda Yeah it is you should read it after i'm done

message 15: by Julia (new)

Julia It looks good what is it about? i might have to give it a try.

Miranda It's about a boy that wants to be a girl. But know one wants to exsipe him like that. It' sad but really good. You should read it. You will love it .

message 17: by Julia (new)

Julia ill keep that in mind it sounds really good.

message 18: by Tosha (new)

Tosha Thats sad. I hate it wen that happens. Does he look like a girl? Is that him on the cover? Is he going to commit suicide or move out and be what he always wanted to be?? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Miranda There are some sad part. In the morning until he's parents going t bed he is a boy But when he's parents going to bed he is girl. Yes that is Luna on the cover. I don't know right now if he is going to move out and be who he wants to be. But what I do know is when he is out of school he is going to have a sex change operation. That is all i know so fewer

message 20: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin It sounds so good

Miranda It is!!!!

message 22: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin Are you almost done with the book

message 23: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla It sounds awsome!!!!!!! maybe ill read it someday!

Miranda I don't know i'm on page 72 and there is 248 so I have 176 pages to go. I should be done this weekend.

message 25: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin it is sounds amazing

Miranda You should it's a really good book!

message 27: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin awesome

Miranda Yeah

message 29: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin would you recommend it to anyone?

Miranda YES!!!!!

message 31: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin to who?

Miranda anyone

message 33: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin It's sounds so amazing

message 34: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin I just started this book and it's so good

Miranda Do you the book so far

message 36: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin I couldn't even put it down it was that good./

message 37: by Katie (new) - added it

Katie Harder i <3 this thread

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