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Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
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Sep 26, 2011

did not like it
Read from September 26 to October 01, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Terrible.

Worst line:
"Somehow, it had never crossed my mind—I guess since I'm an American—that the vampires who had snatched Bill might be resorting to evil means to get him to talk."

Is Sookie that naive? Is Harris that naive? If only there was some irony intended here. But no, it would seem that the moral centre of these books is the concept of goodness as represented by America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, a wondrous country so tolerant that even Vampires can be accepted without difficulty by All-American dumb blonde Sookie Stackhouse, a woman who dreams of cooking for her man and enthralls a club full of vampires and assorted supernatural beings via a sexy dance she vaguely remembers from high school. Sookie's world is populated entirely by immature sex perverts who are driven mad with lust by her blonde hair, big breasts and massive stupidity. Meanwhile she continues to maintain a surely faux-naif wide-eyed shock at all the people obsessed with "little-ol-me", concurrently with being a nymphomaniac who only has to see a man's bare chest to become distracted from her usual train of thought, clothes.

Other than a series of sexual assaults and a rape, all of which seem to pass Sookie by without effect, and a series of beatings and assaults, which do elicit a certain amount of grumbling, the plot is a dull mix of Sooke trotting about wherever she is told to, with whatever companion she is instructed to trust, until by luck she ends up where she needs to be to free the increasingly sidelined boyfriend/ex Bill, kidnapped for reasons of plot-forwarding. Meanwhile we hear much about Sookie's various outfits, her make-overs and the various people with whom she would like to have sex. Throughout, the text is offensive to women, people with some understanding of American history, and pretty much anyone else with a brain.

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message 1: by Kat (last edited Sep 20, 2012 08:29PM) (new)

Kat Your reviews of these books bring me oh so much joy :) And make me so glad I ditched at book 6 and sold all my Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Geraldine O'Hagan I wish I had done the same. Those are hours of my life and pieces of my soul that I will never get back. Nevertheless I will doubtless read the next (and hopefully final) installment, despite the damage it will inflict on my already scarred psyche and trust in the world. At least I have someone to share the pain with :-)

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat You sure do! I spent the afternoon reading your reviews on books 7 onwards. I am so glad I didn't keep them. They remained unopened on my shelf for over a year before I sold all nine on eBay for $30.

I feel awful to suggest that you read the Pretty Little Liars books because they're almost as bad, and your reviews would be perfect. But that's another 12 book series, I started it before Sookie so maybe that's why I've stuck with it and not these.

Geraldine O'Hagan Call it masochistic if you want, but I am almost tempted to read the PLL series just to see if it's really as bad as it looks. All the glamour, murder and teen issues does sound amazingly, gloriously bad. But if I start then I'm bound to feel compelled to continue to the bitter end, which at 12 books so far is a big commitment to self-torture. Admittedly they're not long books, but I have seen them described as "chick-lit", a phrase which makes me want to immediately gouge my eyes out with a spoon. So in conclusion...don't tempt me, I'm wavering!

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat I wouldn't even classify them as chick-lit. They're on the cusp, mostly teen-drama and teen-angst which automatically get negative reviews from me. But somehow they got their hooks into me. The only positives I can really give them is that as far as mystery goes, they start off okay, and if you're a fast reader it won't take you two days to finish one. We've been promised book 12 will be the last one. But who knows. If the author can churn out 12, she can churn out 13.

Geraldine O'Hagan Yes, the fear with these series' is that the authors will never stop. Not when their pay-cheques are so large and so easily earned. The PLL books do look more like teen-angst than chick-lit to me too though. Plus they have those barbie-doll cover, which is either satirical or impressively honest. I'm still tempted...

message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat Bow down to peer pressure :) But I would suggest borrowing from the library. The library near me is useless so I buy all my books, but I sure wish I could return these PLL ones.

Geraldine O'Hagan Don't worry. Whether I read them or not I definitely won't be paying for the privilege!

Marco I can't agree more with every point your raise in your review.

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