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The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda
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May 03, 2008

it was amazing
Read in January, 1987

** spoiler alert ** I live by this shit, something I rarely admit, but it's true, death is always on my left, beings of light, all that goofy stuff, all around us, all the time

while not always readable (I left a couple other of his books unfinished), Castaneda tapped into something beyond himself here

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D'art, how interesting to me that you give this five stars. I've found that it's losing its luster half way into the book What am I missing here?

D'artagnan The reasons that I gave it 5 stars has to do with how thought provoking it all turned out to be for me. I found a lull in the middle too, like Castaneda had tried to fill in with his own thoughts rather than pass down knowledge from beyond, and he's kind of a dork. So, it may not be a five star piece of literature in classical terms, but it did amaze me, and I went on to read more of his books, re-read most of that one, etc.

Probably the way I seek something more, that step up, caused me to see a connection between me and Carlos, recognize his stories as ones that had, or that would eventually, happen to me. Also, I was 17 when I read it, and very full of myself. Don't feel like re-reading it now, and don't expect that feeling to change.

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