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The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
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Aug 22, 11

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Read from September 28 to 29, 2010

Reread June 2011 Loved it even more this time and bought the series. Truly enjoyable, but too dark and violent for many of my Goodreads friends.

Fabulous, inventive story. I really liked the characters of both Vin and Kelsier. The inquisitors are one of the truly inventive and freaky class of characters I have ever read. Those spike eyes are truly creepy.

I have discovered that I love well-done chapter intros featuring text from something or someone else. It all started with the Ender's Game series where I love the brief messages or conversations that start the chapters. Love the weird prophecies in the Wheel of Time series. Loved the mystery of the headings in The Way of Kings. And I absolutely loved the couple of twists relating to the running history at the beginning of the chapters in this book. I did not see the final one coming at all. I think the chapter headings could possibly become overused, but I think they create an interesting change of voice from the main characters, serve as a foil for plot, and provide an easy way to consistently introduce history or philosophy which enlarges the world of the story.

Finally, I really enjoyed the ending. I had expected something that was resolved to extend into the next story, but I thought the ending was exciting and believable.

Sanderson also creates an immersive fantasy world--dealing very effectively with violence and sex as necessary--but maintains a much cleaner, more enjoyable tone than much contemporary fantasy.

And despite all that, right now I can only give the book 4 or 4 1/2 stars. I can't put my finger on it, but I just can't see myself rereading these. I had the same thought with Way of Kings and I'm trying to figure out what tiny spark is missing for me.

It may be the romance. I think Elend is a likable character and I like the directions the relationship drives Vin's actions, but I feel like I missed something in why she falls for him in the first place. Vin trusts no one--she doesn't even trust Kelsier at this point--and she just feels like she's her trues self while having a witty argument on a balcony? I felt like Vin's affection for Elend needed a little more basis and development. But this a is a minor quibble. Great book.

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Brian Loved that series. I need to start reading his other stuff as well. Two other good series: Robin Hobb's "Assassin Apprentice" and Brent Weeks angel series.

Patrick Brian wrote: "Loved that series. I need to start reading his other stuff as well. Two other good series: Robin Hobb's "Assassin Apprentice" and Brent Weeks angel series."

Just finished last night. Great stuff. I loved the twists. And I love that Sanderson is so clean! He writes about sexuality as it relates to his plots (especially Warbreaker), but he doesn't revel in it. I'll have to check those other books out.

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