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The Garden of Abdul Gasazi by Chris Van Allsburg
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Sep 24, 2011

The story begins with a young boy named Allen. He is watching a dog named Fritz for Miss Hester. The dog is a bit wild and likes to bite so when Allen took Fritz on a walk they came across a garden. The gardens sign said absolutely no dogs allowed, so Allen turned to leave. Just then Fritz escaped from his collar and ran into the garden. Allen followed him into the garden and tried to find him. After searching for awhile he comes to the house of the man who owns the garden and who is also a magician. Allen asks if he has seen Fritz and the man says yes. When he shows Allen the dog, Allen sees that Fritz has been turned into a duck. Disappointed and sad, Allen leaves the home of the magician and takes the duck with him. The duck flies away on the walk home and takes Allens hat with him. Allen very sadly walks back to Miss Hester's house thinking about how she will react when he tells her the news. But to Allens surprise, Fritz was back at home safe and sound. Happily and confused, Allen goes home.

The book is kind of confusing and may be difficult for a young child to follow. I think that that is a common theme in Van Allsburg books. However the illustrations keep the book interesting and I found myself looking at the pictures more than following the story. His books are very good, and always seem to have some sort of mystery at the end of them which I think is something that keeps kids interested in the story.

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