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Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart
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Feb 27, 2013

it was amazing
bookshelves: 5-star
Read in February, 2013

FINALLY!! I have waited months to find this book! It was definitely worth the wait. I couldn't put it down, and read it all in one sitting.
Zeraphina & Rodden are back from killing the leader of the Lharmell. They are hoping that if they didn't stop them completely, they have at least bought themselves some time. During her stay there Zeraphina is learning many useful skills for their eventual run-in with the Harmings. Lharmellen drink blood and live in what was once a volcano. The humans they turn are called Harmings. The Harmings job, since they can pass for human, is to go out and bring back new recruits and food (blood). When several homeless people are discovered dead, and they have been drained they know that the Harmings are back to work, but this time they are being smarter about it. Apparently the new leader has more sense than bloodlust. Dodging her mothers not so subtle demands that it's time for her to marry off, the two of them slip away to locate all of the ingredients to make the poison harmful to Lharmellan & Harmings both.

***Spoilers*** (for my memory)
During their journey they are thrown overboard when they are accused of working with the Lharmell. With only a small boat, very little water, and no blood they barely make it to the next town alive. Zeraphina is clearly falling for Rodden, but he is sending mixed signals. We finally learn of his past, which explains a lot about who he is today. When he was younger his father sent him to a local school, determined that he would get an education and a trade. What he later learned is that the person running the school, Levin Servilock is also a Harming recruiting and training his future converts. He turns Rodden and locks him away starving him of blood until he is delirious. When he finally releases him he comes out to find his family, and girlfriend bloody and mindlessly attacks. He has held on to that guilt since, determined to seek revenge when he sees Servilock again. Renata (Zeraphina's mother) agrees to a marriage between Zeraphina and Prince Folsum. When he later reveals his sadistic nature by whipping her Brant, she naturally tries to stop him only to be whipped herself. Without any way to save herself she gets the brant to attack him. He barely makes it out alive, losing his eye in the process. His sister comes to find her and demands she return with them as agreed. Instead of walking into a sure death, she and Rodden head to Lharmell to finally destroy them. They have put the poison in glass balls that all have a master glass. They are unbreakable, unless the master glass is broken. They plan to fill the tunnels with the balls, and once they are all in there block it off and break the master glass. Once they arrive they learn that the new leader is Servilock, and they are captured before they can escape. He starts the process of turning Rodden but they are able to get away. They race to the end of the tunnel to block it off, but instead of following Rodden locks himself inside and breaks the glass. As the door is closing they both confess their love for each other. Zeraphina hears him scream, and then their connection is gone. THAT is how it ends!!!!!!! After all of that work, and heartache he sacrifices himself because he knows he won't be able to hold onto his humanity. OMG I cannot wait for the next book!!!

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