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The Waking Dragon by Isobelle Carmody
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Sep 24, 2011

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OMG, Book Depository says The Red Queen will only come out in April of 2013, WHAT???
I have it on pre-order for so long, it was supposed to come out in December of this year and now it's 2013?? What happened?! *in shock*

Ok, it says 2012 again. Thank God.

--Edit #2--
WTF? It disappeared from the website!! D: But, but I had it on pre-order!

--Edit #3--
Cancelled by the publisher. Just like The Sending. Goddammit!
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message 1: by Josh (new) - added it

Josh Isobelle Carmody decided to release the book after the end of the world. Seriously, this is pretty standard for her... she pushes release dates back all the time.

Carla *Jen7waters* Now it says April of 2012, but I won't believe it until I have the book in my hands. This is very frustrating ..@_@

message 3: by Josh (new) - added it

Josh Oh yeah, I'm right with you. I've also been waiting close to a decade for Darkbane to come out (3rd book of legendsong trilogy by the same author). But that being said, I'd rather wait for an author who takes a long time to write really good books than be reading an author who churns out two or more books a year that are mostly crappy. Isobelle Carmody's books are a cut above the rest and these long waiting periods are probably the reason for that.

message 4: by Ellise (new)

Ellise This is exactly what happened to me!
I pre-ordered it but then it was cancled...

Carla *Jen7waters* @Josh yes, she's worth the wait, and it's a shame that her books are so difficult to buy (at least for me, I'm from Portugal, I can only get her books online), I've had problems ordering at least 3 of her latest books, the orders suddenly get cancelled and they tell me the books are out of stock. :/

@Elspeth it's so annoying! why don't they have enough books? I mean, I had this one (and The Sending) on pre-order for over a year... :(

WatermeLoonie HA.

Carla *Jen7waters* The publication of this series is so complicated... I've never seen anything like it. (-_-)

WatermeLoonie Amen. Ah, the horror, and after such a cliffhanger too.... (._.)

message 9: by Carla *Jen7waters* (last edited Sep 05, 2014 05:33PM) (new) - added it

Carla *Jen7waters* Did you see that this one has a new title and all? The Red Queen -> The Waking Dragon ... maybe it's another 2-in-1 edition, maybe it's only the first part of the original Red Queen... who knows!

Oh wait,

Librarian Note: The Waking Dragon is the title of the North America-only book. It is the second half of the original Australian "The Sending".

The final book in Australia (Book 7) is "The Red Queen". The future North American version of "The Red Queen" will be book 9.

... honestly I don't even know which editions I own ;-;

WatermeLoonie I feel you..... It's just everything is so confusing. Ugh, I wish the author just gave a straight answer. Anything at all, actually would be pretty good. Why all of these complications? ( .-. )

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