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Oct 24, 11

really liked it
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Recommended for: Fantasy lovers
Read from October 19 to 24, 2011

Once upon a time, an angel lay dying in the mist.

And a devil knelt over him and smiled.

And that is where this magnificient and imaginative story began. This book kept me mesmerized by this fairy tale like story filled with devils,Seraphin,angels and Monsters.What I found so fundamentally fascinating while reading this story is that lines between good and evil are not clearly drawn. By the end of the story I have decided that both sides are wanting the same thing; peace, hope, love but each use agregious methods getting there. I cannot share too much of this story because I think it will be much of a spoiler and part of the extraordinary brilliance of this story is the precious and patient manner in which Laini Taylor unravels it. While reading it I found my self fantasizing a way to get my hands on one of Brimstone's graviel's so I could "wish" myself into her magical Fantasy world in live in with Karou too!

Once upon a time, a little girl was raised by monsters. But angels burned the doorways to their world and she was all alone.

Karou is an delightfully likable seventeen year old artistically talented student attending a private high school of the arts. She also has bright Blue hair. Zuzana is her side kick and supportive best friend, and she's hilarious, with a knack for a taking a joke letting it run it's course as long as dreadfully possible while being oblivious to the idea that Karou is raised by real life monsters.

My favorite monster would have to be the Wishmonger Brimstone. Some people may call him a devil and humans would probably call him a monster but Karou knows him as the loving man that has raised her since birth as his own child. He was half human/half beast that even though a human would call him a monster he's actually a Chimaera. Along with Brimstone, Issa, Twiga, and Ysari played a predominate role in raising Karou with love since her birth. I wish I could share more!!!!

“She had been innocent once, a little girl playing with feathers on the floor of a devil's lair. She wasn't innocent now, but she didn't know what to do about it. This was her life: magic and shame and secrets and teeth and a deep, nagging hollow at the center of herself where something was most certainly missing.”

Akiva a beautiful and dangerous looking Seraphin is a bruised soul that I loved reading about. Theres not much i could not love about him and his honorable and moral value. He has suffered a devastating loss of a loved one and he will not stop until has established his own ideals of Peace while avenging the life of his lover taken at the hands of her own. His story is brutal and the capacity in which Laini Taylor reveals it to us leaves me broken for him. when he was in pain, so was I. When he would smile, so would I. As each page turns the story unravels and slowly and delicately the pieces of the puzzle begin to slowly come together.

My one question left unanswered was, (view spoiler) I'm anxious to get my hands on the next book so I can see what happens with Karou.

This story was about love, sacrifice, war, peace, hope while sharing a romantic a unique story of star crossed lovers. This book of fantasy made it very desirable world to live in.

I Loved The Daughter of Smoke & Bone and you will too!

Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well........

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Roxanne Finally!! Can't wait to see what you think.

MISS VAIN I know I'm excited to start this. I'm sleepy here so I'll probably fall asleep very soon but just couldn't help but get in a couple pages before I go to sleep. :) Can't wait!!

Jamie I"m ready to go. I sneaked and read the first 2 chapters last night, because I know you're all going to read it faster than me.

MISS VAIN Jamie-I was going to read a couple, but I was glued to my tv last night LOL, and I was still angry about aftermath. But I've read the first 8 pages (lol) and I can already tell it's going to be good. I like the writing style for sure.

Christen-Someone is sending it to you from book depository right?? That's why I stick with B&N, I always know when it's coming. :( sorry.

Jamie Miss Vain - I didn't want to read anything for weeks after Aftermath - I know how you feel. It seems good and mysterious right now, but I know you'll be done with this in 2 days and it will take me longer.

MISS VAIN You're right, because I read late into the night usually..I'm actually glad to read a different book, especially YA because those are comfort pleasures for me......almost like comfort food for me.;) I'm also glad it has NO sequels released yet, so I can read something else directly after because I'm so emotionally involved with SJ.

Roxanne I'm really scared about reading Aftermath now! I think I'll wait till the last book comes out before reading it.

MISS VAIN Roxanne-I totally thought you had already read it???

Jamie Roxanne wrote: "I'm really scared about reading Aftermath now! I think I'll wait till the last book comes out before reading it."

Me, too :)

Roxanne I was going to but then I noticed you weren't happy with it Jamie, so I decided to wait a few weeks then I saw Miss Vain's review said the same thing. I can't bring myself to read it and be disappointed, if I wait till the last book I can read them back to back and hopefully be happy with how it ended.

Jamie Roxanne wrote: "I was going to but then I noticed you weren't happy with it Jamie, so I decided to wait a few weeks then I saw Miss Vain's review said the same thing. I can't bring myself to read it and be disappo..."

It was still a really good book, just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, you know? You might like different parts of the book than myself and Vain did.

MISS VAIN Well I hated that the book was paced over a period of 5 years, so Roxanne you might not mind that. Now Jamie and I feel the same way about the book, that it didn't go the way I wanted it to, however you may feel differently....I really don't want to steer you off of reading it in case you feel differently, however you and I agree with eachothers reviews almost always.:)........

Roxanne I'm not a big fan of the time spacing, I usually have the same tastes as both Jamie and Miss Vain. I will read it eventually but closer to the release date of book 6. I've become so invested in the characters that I know it'll just be a let down.

MISS VAIN I for sure was let down with Aftermath Roxanne. I don't want to spoil anything so I'll only say that, I find that I feel that some of what happens in Aftermath contradicts what we've read this entire series and quite frankly I'm pretty put out with that, and Jax can go "frag" herself! Lol.

Can you believe I'm only on page 22 of DoSaB??! Lol. I thought I would read most of it tonight since I'm a night owl and that's usually when I do my most productive reading but here it is only 12:25 am and I keep falling asleep. :( I'm going to stay in bed all day and read:) I already am enjoying this book though, cannot wait to read in the morning.

Jamie @Roaxanne - I didn't like the time pacing, either. And like you, I'm invested in these characters. And you're right, you, Miss Vain and I always seem to agree on these books. I definitely wish I had Endgame in my hands right after I read Aftermath, but on the other hand, I needed a break after Aftermath. It was too difficult of a read for me - I was way too upset with fictional character, lol!

@Miss Vain - How do you do it? I"m 20% done with DoSaB, but I crashed out at 10:20 last night. I just couldn't hang :(

MISS VAIN Jamie-Because I'm not a morning person at all!!!!!!

Jamie I'm sad to say, this is where we differ, Miss Vain ;-) I can read at night, but I'm falling asleep by 11 usually. I can't get any housework done at night - I have to have everything by noon, or I'm a waste.

MISS VAIN Yes we do! Lol. I'm very structured about my cleaning so I have certain days I do things and I rarely change those days and I do those in the morning but morning for me begin around 10am LOL. Honestly were opposites because anything earlier than that I'm a waste!
Around 11pm I get my second wind. ;) Were opposites!!!

Roxanne Jamie-I know how you feel about taking a break in between books. It's crazy how upset we get over fictional characters :P I want so bad for Sirantha and March to be real!

I have to agree with Miss Vain, I'm generally a night person. It's when I have most of my energy but I have to force myself to be a morning person every day due to my schedule and what not. My weekends I turn into a nocturnal person and make up for it.

MISS VAIN I want them to be real too! Yeah emotional series just drain me too. ;)

I love to stay up all night curled in bed with a book. Some mornings I'm not even sure I could focus enough to comprehend what I'm reading! Lol.

Jamie Roxanne wrote: "Jamie-I know how you feel about taking a break in between books. It's crazy how upset we get over fictional characters :P I want so bad for Sirantha and March to be real!

I have to agree with Miss..."

I want them to be real, and (view spoiler), too.

I used to be more of a night person, too, until....dun, dun, dun....I had babies. Then the whole staying up late thing goes to hell in a hand basket. Because you know, if you stay up just an itty, bitty, bit late, your kids will be wide awake at the crack of dawn. It happens every blessed time I stay up later than usual. You'd think I'd be lucky and have kids that actually slept past 7 a.m., but no such luck.

MISS VAIN Trust me I get it Jamie. My momma tells me the same thing, once you have children their schedule becomes your schedule immediately! Lol

I agree with March and Jax.

message 20: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija Finally! What did you make of the ending??

MISS VAIN It was too abrupt. I wanted some answers. But I loved the book.

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Tell me why I left someone on hold for 6 minutes today cuz I was trying to read this....I know! Cuz its awesome:)

MISS VAIN LOL! OMG Mrs. Vishous, did I not predict that would be you putting people on hold to read..?!!! Haha!! You're H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. You're so getting fired! Lol. (well hopefully not)

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: naw...my boss was in a meeting thank God

MISS VAIN Lol! Perfect timing ;).

Samina ~ Escapism~ Oh, that's fantabulous Mrs.V.

I loved the little quates before the begiining of some chapters.They gave me goosebumps.

Ok, gotto confess thought your last quote was the beginning of the book and as the title had 'duaghter' in it I thought that Akiva was Karou's dad.LOL

MISS VAIN LOL! You though Akiva was Karou's dad?

message 12: by Samina ~ Escapism~ (last edited Oct 25, 2011 01:10PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Samina ~ Escapism~ yeah, see the frist line says angel and devil falling in love and them Karou wonders about her parents, and the title with 'daughter' in it.Moreover Akiva's flashbacks (view spoiler) made me draw the conclusion.Plus I thought that perhaps Karou was (view spoiler)

MISS VAIN Haha!!! Yes if it were her parents(view spoiler)

Samina ~ Escapism~ Yeah I want more Brimstone too.He was interesting.

Linzi This is on my TBR pile and now you've reviewed it - I'm going to have to read it. Jenn rated it 5 then Jaime, Kate and Olivia all reviewed it. I'll get to it this weekend. Great review :-)

MISS VAIN Linzi-Thank you!
Yes all our mutual friends loved it, so that's a good sign.:) I really liked it, and I think you would as well! Can't wait to hear what you think.;)))

What's so wonderful about this story is that's not only a unique star crossed lovers story and a very refreshing read as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Linzi It certainly comes highly recommended and I was in Prague on hols in February this year so that adds interest :-)

Jamie I hope you enjoy it, Linzi! It was really good, and the setting was one of my most favorite parts of the book! I would LOVE to go to Prague someday.

Linzi I loved Prague and want to go back. I didn't read your review yet Jamie as I wanted to avoid the spoilers - but obv I will when I've read it. And I just gave in and started it ;-)

Jamie Linzi wrote: "I loved Prague and want to go back. I didn't read your review yet Jamie as I wanted to avoid the spoilers - but obv I will when I've read it. And I just gave in and started it ;-)"

Yeah - I have a bad problem with spoilers :) I just hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. I'll look forward to seeing your updates and what you think of it!

Samina ~ Escapism~ yup, the setting was the best part of the book.It made me feel I as present in the old city.

MISS VAIN Oh how Lucky you were to visit Prague Linzi. I bet it was beautiful with the old architecture and history. Wow. :)

Yes, I agree with you both Jamie and Samina the setting was gorgeous.:)

MISS VAIN P.s. I am not getting all my notifications....

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