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The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls by Elise Primavera
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Sep 29, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

Title: The Secret Order of The Gumm Street Girls
Author: Elise Premavera
This book is about a town named Sherbert. It's about three girls who totally dislike each other, but they all live directly across from one another on the same street and they all go to the same school. Disliking eachother is the least of thier problems when a new girl, Ivy, moves in down the street, and also goes to the same school. Two of the girls are trying to befriend her because that will mean they will have one more friend on thier side. But the third girl, Cat thinks she's highly unusual because she notices that everywhere she goes she has the strangest shadow. It's even kind of Scary because it seems to take the shape of a monster and it twists and turns and totally encircles Ivy.
The street that all the girls live on is Gumm Street. It was named after Harmonious Gumm, who was the founder and mayor of the town of Sherbert. Many things are named after him, the school, the street names and some things he just names about himself, like the school has three different groups. He wanted them to be equally good so he named them after his three favorite samwhiches, which are Tuna on Rye, Bacon Letuce and Tomato, and Salami. But everybody know that salami is the worse group and Tuna on Rye is the best because everybody in that group can do cartwheels.
Ivy has just moved into a new town and has already made two new friends which she knows dislike each other. She is now currently taking piano lessons from the same teacher as the other three girls. Ever since Ivy was three, she has the memory of sitting on the counter watching her mother do her hair in one of the mirrors. But her mother dropped her comb so she bent down to pick it up. That was Ivy's worse day ever, the mirror she was looking into shaddered and sent glass everywhere. For the next seven years Ivy had a Jinx. Her father also left that day to go by potato chips a few other items at the store and rode in the familie's champayne colored cadiliac, but never came home. Where ever Ivy and her mother seem to go, the seven year jinx seems to follow and make things wrong.
All Ivy wants is for the jinx to go away and to have friends. That is just the least of her problems when a Mr. Stacatto their piano teacher disapears and his so called "sister" arrives to take his house, and all of his belongings. But Ivy knows this woman, it was a faced she never wanted or thought she would see again. You see, there was more to that day she was sitting on the counter, because when her mother bent down to get the comb a face appeared in a black lampshade head and black intertwining vines began to cover the mirror until, it shattered. That was the worst day of her life.
This book is full of mystery and adventures about sparkly abnormally powerul shoes, a lie that was truthful accident and a story about how four very different girls learn to become friends. Why and what this Jinx is and why it keeps following her. The evil mysterious woman in the shattered mirror. But most of all how the girls form a Secret Order on Gumm Street to stop whatever is happening to Sherbert and it's people but also to save shoes and the motto the author used to write this book.
I give this book a five out of five star rating because It is one of the best books I have ever read! I love how although the motto is clear when your finished reading it but how it's such an original book! It makes you think who would have thought just by changing the setting of an original, story you could make one of your own!!
I would recommend this book only to girls because only we know what's having a horrible summer or no friends is like. But for me, this book totally rocked my summer!!
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Ali It's liverwrust not salami and that's the worst and bacon lettuce and tomato is (supposedly) the best

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