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Rumors by Anna Godbersen
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May 01, 2008

really liked it

*cries* The ending! Argh! I'm torn between wanting the next book desperatly and wanting to pretend I never read the last few chapters......... I was actually near tears at the end, and I never cry at books. Granted, I didn't cry at this end either, but still. I was as close as I ever get.

More coherent review coming someday when I get over the shock of this ending.
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message 1: by Little143 (new)

Little143 I feel the same way! I am distraught! But at the sme time i am dying to know what happens next! Why did it have to end that way? *cry* I am currently in a state of shock, and anxiously awaiting the next book.

Cassie ;_; Need more.... need more...

Kristine i couldnt describe how i felt after reading it any better! a part of me wishes i could pretend i never read the books because of the last two chapters but i am so in love with the books that i have to keep in with the third! t

Georgie I know it's a terrible thing to do...but I read the last page of my books. I read the last page and saw the conversation between Diana and Elizabeth and thought (after reading the proloque, wedding, blah blah blah) "Aww". I really want Diana+Henry to work out. So... while I was working through to the ending and soaking it all up... SPOILER... Will gets killed. I literally almost, teared up a bit. I kinda hate that it happened, but.. I see its necessity. It adds to the story... I just hope Elizabeth eventually tells the truth to her society.

Claire Schlegel IKR!! I thought surely after the first book that Diana and Henry and Elizabeth and Will and Penelope all by her spoiled lonesome! But, no! I never liked Elizabeth she always ruins everything and she knew Henry loved Diana by in the first book when she got out of his carriage after the greenhouse night and he was looking down at where she left and thats really sad that Henry wouldnt be with Diana because he thought Elizabeth was...DEAD! though she was not and STUPID TEDDY!!

Claire Schlegel sry i just spoiled it for the people who havent read them all I read The luxe rumors envy and splendor it was EPIC!!

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