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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
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Oct 18, 11

Read from September 23 to October 06, 2011

The Pearl is a story about how great wealth can (and will) bring more than you might expect. The main characters, Kino and Juana, are just poor peasants trying to make a living. But after their only child is stung by a scorpion, they would do anything to get enough money to cure him. Kino goes diving for oysters in hope that he'll find a pearl, and he when he opens one of his oysters, he finds "the pearl of the world". Immediately, Kino realizes that their troubles are over. His baby will be cured and will get an education, his family will have new clothes, he'll get a new harpoon and a rifle. Is it possible though, that the monster pearl is bringing more than just good things? Some people would do anything to get their hands on the pearl of the world.
Personally, I didn't like this book at all. I didn't like the style of writing, and it was a little confusing at times. The story and the characters were somewhat bland. I just couldn't really connect to the people in the story. I'm not a big fan of classic literature like The Pearl.
If you do enjoy classic literature though, The Pearl is the right book for you. The story is actually a Mexican folk tale that is meant to be read aloud. John Steinbeck did a good job conveying the meaning of the story to the readers, and he did a fine job writing it. Maybe I would've had a slightly different opinion if I didn't have to read this for my lit. class.

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09/27/2011 page 41
43.0% "Not my kind of story so far. The doctor is a jerk."
10/04/2011 page 68
71.0% "These kind of books always have someone die, and I hope it's Kino. After what happened i Ch. 5 he doesn't deserve Juana or Coyotito."

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