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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain
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May 01, 2008

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Read in April, 2008

** spoiler alert ** This book was funny in some ways. However, I've seen too many movies based on the same premise to really have appreciated it fully. So much of the humor was redundant to me.

I also was disappointed with the implausability of parts of the story. Sure, I know it was all based on a guy going back in time, but that's ok.. that's the big premise! The rest of the story is supposed to be about the guy getting by on his inginuity and... well... ridiculous amounts of knowlege were given to him that I highly doubt ordinary citizens knew and could recall at exactly the right time. He also had extremely large amounts of luck.

Even more, I was upset at how little he seemed to care about the loss of his family when he came back to his correct time. After all, his wife and child has essentially DIED on him. Shouldn't he have been devistated?

There were good points though. It was interesting to me to see what parts of society Twain valued and which parts he thought silly or funny. A large part of my amusement came from the fact that this "Yankee" who was so modern to King Arthur's time is now so backwards even to our own. The biggest loss most of us would feel at going back to such a time would be the loss of indoor plumming! At least for me it would. Running a close second would be air conditioning. After that we get into all the other things - cell phones, the internet, computers, even basic calculators! None of these things caused the Yankee even a twinge of regret because he did not have them at home. In this way, the story has changed significantly from the story Twain wrote. It is no longer a "modern" man going back in time... instead it is merely the mixing of two different historical time periods, with their respective technologies, cultures, and ideals.

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