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Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
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Sep 23, 11

It's really a simplistic book- simplistic in the way that there really isn't much of a discernible plot. it's a really bizarre book. Hmm... how do you review this book?

Well it's definitely captivating. It's existential. It's written kind of a screen-play form.
Two men, I forget there names, are waiting for "Godot" by a tree. That is all the reader knows. They are obsessed with this Godot and they themselves don't even know why they are waiting for Godot. There's hardly any details about of their surroundings. We know there is a tree near them, thats about it. The two men have a few run ins. One with this weird circus guy who was dragging along another human man on a chain around his neck. Pretty sure the guy wasn't down it, but the two dudes who were still waiting for Godot didn't or couldn't help him... they were waiting for Godot.
Some messenger boy arrives once or twice saying Godot will be here, by the tree-
It's a very interesting book: to say the least.
I liked the tone. It's weird. It's very bleak. I like those kind of books. Life is bleak. Life is meaningless. Perhaps the message of this book.

.....does Godot ever come? Who the hell is Godot? Why Are they waiting for him?
You don't know.
They just are- it's a metaphor.
They're waiting for death.
We're all going to die eventually- everything we do in between is folly.

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