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Blackout by Mira Grant
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Sep 23, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from May 30 to June 23, 2012

The End. *sigh*

I held on, savored, and remained in Mira Grant’s Blackout as long as I possibly could. Stretched out the love and experience for weeks. But I guess I had to hit the last page eventually. Leaving the book home for the first time the other day, hell—made me feel naked! And left a true ache in my heart.

Blackout is filled with government conspiracies, mad scientists, zombie bits, running, and the ever present battle for the truth. If you have read Feed and Deadline, then I have no doubt this book will end up on your to-read list and pile very soon. If you have not started this trilogy yet--go, GO now! :)

These characters—George, Shaun, Maggie, Becks, Mahir, Buffy, Aleric, and more—made a home in my heart and soul. Grant’s world is unforgettable. Her words have made me think, left me in awe, cry like a baby, and laugh out loud. A small smile and smirk crosses my face whenever I think of Shaun. Crazy, cute, loveable, did I say crazy already?—Shaun! Like an old friend who stole a piece of my heart, I believe Shaun and the whole gang will always make me smile. I miss them all already.

One of my favorite aspects of this book and series is the fact that the dead are never forgotten. Some for obvious zombie reasons. ;) But the dead shouldn’t be. Sometimes in life, people try to ignore the pain and grief by closing up or not talking about loved ones they have lost. But I felt this series, Blackout especially, showed how individuals can impact and influence our lives in good and bad ways long after they are gone. The dead do live on in our hearts and minds to inspire and influence. Of course, the issue of grieving and letting go is a whole other sad, haunted tale and message. A sad message that broke my heart, but also one I took to heart.

These pages also inspired me to crack open my first can of Coke in a very looooong time! I buckled! The temptation was too much. It really is like liquid crack! :D

So….Cans in the air….To the end. To the truth. To life, love & death. Whether you poke things with a stick or type away behind a screen—hope you find what makes your heart happy!

Cheers! :)


Who said that? :D

What? I pulled a lot of quotes. Hehe…Had to do something with them. :) Not everyone is included in the game. It does not mean a thing. These quotes are not spoilery. They really just reveal my twisted sense of humor. Hehe…Have fun!

Who said this?

“The scary part, the really scary part, the legitimately terrifying part, or the part that makes suicide sound like an awesome way to spend an evening?”

(view spoiler)

“Less talky more shooty”

“Looks like we’ve both been having an interesting time. I’ll see your luxury hotel, and raise you one zombie bear.”

(view spoiler)

“Yes, because allowing the crazy people to set the rules is absolutely always the way to ensure one’s survival in a hostile situation.”

“Well, that’s that, then. We’re all going to die. Charming.”

“I haven’t been ‘cool’ since arriving in this godforsaken hellhole you persist in claiming is a civilized nation. I am, however, ready to go violate a few more laws.”

(view spoiler)

”Is there a reason we keep winding up in places that should have stayed in their horror movies?”

”So no, not currently dating, and definitely not doing any more shopping in the ‘sociopath’ category.”

(view spoiler)

Just a little fun to hide my pain and grief. I need a re-read of this series ASAP! :)

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Quotes Laura Liked

Mira Grant
“It felt odd to be laughing during a firefight. Then again, if you can’t laugh when you’re about to die, when can you?”
Mira Grant, Blackout

Mira Grant
“Well, that’s that, then. We’re all going to die. Charming.”
Mira Grant, Blackout

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05/30/2012 page 2
0.0% "Just holding this book makes me happy! :D" 5 comments
05/31/2012 page 80
14.0% "“Madness is surprisingly freeing.”
—Oh, Shaun—I have truly missed you." 2 comments
06/01/2012 page 110
17.0% "“We started as a news site. Somewhere along the line, we became a family.”" 2 comments
06/04/2012 page 170
26.0% "“the virus-riddled sack of goo that used to be a human brain”—hehe…What? I had to shout out one gross update. ;)"
06/06/2012 page 200
30.0% "Didn’t think I could love this book more—but throw in zombie bears and I am yours forever! :D"
06/08/2012 page 245
37.0% "Of all the places Shaun has gone & things he’s poked with a stick (hehe)—THIS place terrifies the most! Just when I think I couldn’t love Shaun more…*sigh*" 4 comments
06/11/2012 page 285
43.0% "“Sometimes it’s annoying having hallucinations that make me feel dumb.” :)"
06/12/2012 page 325
49.0% "“Let’s hope the directions don’t tell us to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die”"
06/13/2012 page 350
53.0% "Oh, god….Here we go! I’m…hell I think I’m scared. Awesome! :D" 8 comments
06/18/2012 page 415
63.0% "“I have a feeling this is about to become one of those days wherein there is no such thing as too much tea.” :)"

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Wendy Darling How are you not reading this yet?!

Laura LOL! I wanted to hold it--I know, I know--I'm corny like that! Just got it today! I am hugging it as we speak! :D
Have a wonderful long weekend, Wendy! I will be spending mine with Shaun.

Wendy Darling Yay! I'm glad you're reading it soon. Give him a kiss for me. :D

message 4: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth  (YA Books Central) I'm considering starting the first book in the series "Feed"...Is it similar to Rhiannon Frater's As the world dies??? Im looking for a good zombie book! Recommendations?

Laura Hi! :) I recommend Feed with ALL my heart! I love Mira Grant’s world! Please keep me posted if you pick it up, Beth. I just started the third one! These characters will pull such powerful emotions from your heart—(aka I cried like a baby! Haha) and stay with you looong after closing the book! Really—I love this series!

message 6: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth  (YA Books Central) ok you got me!! Im ordering it now!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!! Its nice to talk with people who appreciate a good book as much as I do!!! :) I cried on As the World Dies....people dont realize what a story there is in zombie books...they just think of zombies eating people but its really about the survival and the effect on the characters!!! Love it!!

Laura Truer words have never been spoken! I love my zombies! Have fun! Please keep me posted! :D

Shannel Ah! I'm halfway done with the second one. I'll catch up to you soon!!!

Laura Hey Shannel! Halfway done! Nice! You will catch up--I will probably read this final book...eeek! :( VERY slowly! Can't wait to gossip about Deadline with ya! :)

Shannel Can't wait!! :) I hope its everything you expect it to be ;).

message 11: by Eunice (new)

Eunice I've been seeing this a lot lately and a number of 5-4 stars reviews! I gotta start this series soon! Happy reading, Laura! :)

Shannel Eeep! This book is giving me heart palpitations. Where are you now???!

Angela  ♥ Mrs. Hollywood ♥ This sounds really good. I love zombies!

Andi (Andi's ABCs) You'll be happy to know I saw someone on the train reading this one this morning. :-)

Laura Yay! :) Happy Dance!

message 16: by Jo (new)

Jo These pages also inspired me to crack open my first can of Coke in a very looooong time! I buckled! The temptation was too much. It really is like liquid crack! :D

So….Cans in the air….To the end. To the truth. To life, love & death. Whether you poke things with a stick or type away behind a screen—hope you find what makes your heart happy!

I love that ^^^ and I love this review. I need to read this one soon, my dear. Brilliant review!

message 17: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina My copy FINALLY arrived this week, and I promise to start reading it next week. :D My friends and I are reading it together and we are ready with all the feelings! :D

Laura Thanks, Ladies! :)

Both of you—go, go read it, so I can gossip and gush with ya! :D

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