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Reading Between the Lines by Wendy Willow
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Oct 06, 11

really liked it
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"Lines are not written into the human hand without reason. They emanate from heavenly influences and man's own individuality."


This is a book, simply and charmingly told, about a very ancient and intricate subject. Chiromancy can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, although modern palmists integrate other disciplines into their readings as well.

Wendy Willow is a seasoned palm reader and has been practicing for over 20 years. She is a Montrealer who does not confine her work solely to palm reading (including past life readings for some clients), but also makes use of the healing arts (such as affirmations and creative visualization) and numerology. She seems to be particularly adept at discerning what lines of work a person could successfully and naturally follow. As often noted in her interesting descriptions of her sessions with clients, many experience a "Eureka moment" after being told of their natural bents.

But the individuality in her work stems from her remarkable intuitive gift that she applies to her readings. She has the ability to inwardly view what she refers to as an "intuition screen," a series of images that quickly flows through the calmed mind. I can relate to this because, although I do not practice any occult arts, I can experience the same phenomenon. So I know exactly to what she is referring.

Ms. Willow makes it clear that she is not certain of the reality of past lives. However, one gets the impression that she is more of a believer than a non-believer. Quite frankly, I haven't the slightest idea as to their veracity. I'm still up in the air about that. She uses various techniques, including the placement of variegated colored chairs corresponding with the colors of the chakras to make note of which one a client will decide upon. In line with the Chinese belief that there is no such thing as coincidence, this determination is taken into account with the reading which is to follow.

It is not a perfect book. I think that some phrases (though not many) should have been edited out as they tend towards the cliché and the trite. And one chapter entitled "Opening that Forbidden Doorway--the Past," a lengthy one, delves into the healing of childhood scars and seems to stray too far from the book's subject. I would have preferred a more specific explanation of some of the lines of the hand instead. For instance, the author points out that, contrary to general belief, the length of the life line does not reveal longevity. Yet she reads a client's hand and realizes that it reveals she has only a few years more to live. No explanation is given as to how Ms. Willow comes to that conclusion, or which line she is viewing to make that determination. Also I would have liked to learn more about the meanings to be found in the Girdle of Venus.

She aptly concludes her work with a discussion of the ethics of a palm reader, particularly in relation to seeing bad or negative events in a client's future. Weighing between two unsatisfactory alternatives: tell the client the truth no matter what, or hide the truth from the client, pretending all outlooks are rosy, she comes to what seems to me to be a very wise conclusion: she relates the bad happening, but presents it as "the possibility of a situation or set of circumstances." After all, the lines of the hands are not permanently etched. They are subject to change.

Ms. Willow is a spirited and active individual (hiking, swimming, bicycling and running are her forte) who in no way resembles Noel Coward's Madame Arcati. Therefore, her book is also spirited and animated with an energy that entertains as well as being insightful and informative.
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