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Withering Tights by Louise Rennison
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Sep 22, 2011

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Read from September 22 to October 04, 2011

Brad Creamer so, i didn't read any of the other books by this lady...or wuthering i had no background going into it....other than having, at one time, been a teenage boy.

i thought the book was funny. it was just a fluff book, didn't really make me think too much, or really delve into unanswered questions of the universe. So i enjoyed it in that sense. The way that tulullah thinks in such a rapid, random way reminded me of my own brain much of the time, so i enjoyed that :) I laughed out loud at some of the parts...and thought others were sappy. But overall it was fine. And leno is complaining about amount of time given to "the boys" in the book, but from what i remember, thats what most 14 year old girls thought about 90% of the day. and girls is what most 14 year old boys thought about 90% of the day.

there were a lot of loose ends, but i don't have a burning desire to read the next book in the series...i would if it was a book club pick, but not just go get it on my own.

I did like dibdobs too...that crazy wacky lady. her kids creeped me out though....

and anna, guys are insecure idiots around girls in elementary, middle/junior high, high school, college, and post college as well :)

i would recommend it to crazy people with random thoughts all the time, and people who are constipated, and people who are "regular"

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