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The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells
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Nov 04, 11

really liked it
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Read from September 22 to 23, 2011

Since the stand off at the end of the last novel, Dominae supporters, who all now believe Sabina to be a traitor, are out for her head. They have been trying to off her for the last several days during her road trip from LA to New York, just for the chance of getting in Lavinia's good graces by being the one to bring her her granddaughter's head. She finally makes it to LA in one piece, only to face a trial of a very different kind: meeting her long lost twin!

Bullets ripped through the store, turning it into swiss cheese. Sodas exploded in the refrigerated cases, coating us with cold, sticky wetness. Pulverized chocolate, salty snacks, and tampons rained down to create a PMS-themed collage on the floor.

In the last book we learned that Sabina has a twin. A twin that her new "friend" Adam, the mage, has known for his entire life. Her sister, Maisie Graecus, is almost the exact polar opposite of Sabina. Where Maisie is soft and sweet; Sabina is hard and deadly. Maisie has been raised as Mage royalty in the gentle, loving embrace of the remaining members of her Mage family. Sabina, on the other hand, had the delightful experience of being raised by Lavinia Kane, one of the cruellest, coldest women you could ever meet, and who also just happens to be the leader of the entire vampire race.

Although being in New York is infinitely preferable to being back in LA, that doesn't mean to say she is settling in without a hitch. There are some very notable differences between life in LA and life in New York. Firstly, you are not allowed to feed directly from humans- a rule that Sabina breaks almost immediately through her own ignorance. This lands her in trouble with "The Shade". A mysterious vampire who has set himself up as leader here through sheer brute force, and to whom she now owes a blood tax. She also manages to get on the wrong side of the local Were pack, embarrass herself in front of the's really not going well.

"But one way or the other, your choices will eventually take you exactly where the universe wants you to go.”

There were lots of funny moments and great one-liners to be found in this book, and a wee sprinkling of romance, too. The humour was not something I was expecting to find much of in this series if I'm honest, especially considering Sabina's upbringing and her profession, but it really is hilarious at times. Particularly Giguhl, her pet demon/cat/familiar/whatever he is. I adore his character and I'm so glad he seems to be in it to stay.

I won't go into details, but a naked demon is a sight you don't want to behold more than once. I was about to turn the corner when Rhea finally spoke.

"Why is it forked?"

The story culminates into a very exciting end battle scene which I really enjoyed. And there is a cliffhanger (of sorts). You'll definitely want to grab the next one straight away.

All in all another great instalment. I highly recommend it.

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