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The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina
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Sep 21, 2011

it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

09/11 - Little, Brown & Company - Hardcover, 400 pages

By burying your past, do we resolve present issues and our future relationships?

Detective Inspector Alex Morrow has a suicide, murder, and pregnant with twins to contend with, which is all in a day’s work for this woman. She is a sharp and articulate member of the police force that never lets any detail, regardless of how small get past her even when they involve old haunts and ghosts from her own past. A dark background may plague her but Alex is not going to let any of taint her ability to solve this present day set of crimes.

Today she is dealing with the gruesome and brutal murder of a young woman who came to a horrific end while dealing with her late mother’s estate. The only clues are shoe prints with a distinctive mark, but nothing else that makes sense, including the large amounts of cash left sitting on the kitchen table. There are allot of theories and too many suspects but none with motive, intent, or knowledge of the cash sitting right under their noses.

In another city, a man’s family is dealing with his suicide and coming to terms with the complete dysfunctional behavior of the family and entire situation. The only son 15 year-old Thomas has lived under his father’s shadow and grueling expectations but now it seems he has to be the man of the family and pull his mother and sister together. Yet Thomas knows a terrible secret about his father’s secret life of lies. It may have nothing or everything to do with his questionable business dealings.

No one could ever see how these two dissimilar cases could influence one another. They took place in two different locations, families with nothing in common, and two different distinctively different types of death. However, when Alex puts the pieces together and shows that the cases not only relate but also collide into each other, the explosion is heard in every corner of the country.

This story is like a spider’s web – intricate, detailed, and exquisite when you see the completed project. The reader is drawn in and this story will not let go of you until you know how all these characters are interrelated and just how close are they to knocking on Alex’s door.
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