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Against All Enemies by Richard A. Clarke
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Jun 12, 08

it was amazing
Read in January, 2005

Did you ever wonder, in retrospect, what was really happening in the old White House while we were all being led down the garden path into a war in Iraq? Oh, there are some great shows out there that will give you the scoop (Frontline recently did a multiple show synopsis that was head-spinning) but really, aren't they all just fronts for the liberal leftist media? For everyone who nodded in response to that last query, grab the most recent version of Against All Enemies. Richard Clarke, my friends, has all the Right credentials and isn't afraid to be disenfranchised.

This book has been through several iterations so be sure you are reading the most up to date version of this saga. Clarke's front row seat for the greatest mistake of the millennium (so far) makes for a great story. You might think it is a novel. You might WISH it were a novel. But the read is soft and sweet and so very sadly historical. Clarke recounts how, as the counter terrorism coordinator for the entire federal government, he was called into his first cabinet level meeting with the Bush Administration and basically told he'd have to move out. His job was not important enough for the West Wing and certainly not important enough to warrant replacing him. And then 9/11 occurred and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend. Clarke reviews the trouble spots before and after the 9/11 attacks, how they got so hot, and how Iraq was misplaced in the cross hairs. Clarke has transitioned from government bureaucrat to bestselling writer.

Read it. Weep a bit. And then pass it on....

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message 1: by Susannah (new)

Susannah Garboden Hey! I sleep with a member of the liberal leftist media. They're okay with me!

Antigone Shhh... we are trying to get the OTHER side to read this book! [Eric said we are trying to get the other side just to READ... but that is a tiny bit harsh]. It is someplace to start :)

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