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The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
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Feb 04, 12

Read from January 29 to 31, 2012

I was disappointed in this YA Divergent wanna be novel. The author tried to make the heroine Elisa different from the other YA novels. She is fat, not physically fit and very pious. She was chosen by God to be a leader and do great things. Her Godstone in her navel is proof of this. The author did a poor job describing the characters in this book. Rather Elisa had to do that for us. This made the characters lack depth and thus seem dull and uninteresting.

We never learn what Elisa's food obsession is all about. Yet it is the subject of many conversations the characters in the book have with Elisa. But you never really care or feel sorry for Elisa because she isn't that likeable. At 16 her father arranges a marriage for her to a King in exchange for sending the King troops to aid in the war against some rebels. Her husband is handsome but tells her he only wants to be friends with her. He has already been in a relationship with another woman he claims to love. The King hides his marriage to Elisa from everyone. I don't like that Elisa didn't fight this. This made her seem weak and definitely not heroine like. Then she gets kidnapped and as soon as she sees her kidnapper, falls in love with him. That is when I just wanted the story to quickly end. What a ridiculuous story line. Who does this?

There are some good actions scenes and Elisa does exhibit leadership qualities but that aren't believable. My opinion of her has already been ruined. I wasn't too into the whole Godstone concept at all. It just didn't work for me. I also didn't find it plausible that Elisa knew what to do in combat. Afterall, we were told many times that she was just a girl that liked her sweets.

This was an attempt by an author to create another YA heroine but it didn't quite work. The writing was subpar and too juvenile even to be considered YA.
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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Ehhh sounds like one that I will pass on thanks to your take on it...

Donna I will go even farther and say I felt embarrassed every time she would shove the food down in public.. I mean she would comment on how they looked at her.. It would be one thing if they were addressing her obvious emotional eating disorder and when she would sneak down to the kitchens was ok.. But what Princess SHOVES food down and makes an obvious pig of herself at State functions LOL.. I didn't mind the religion or the Godstones, however Elisa was ridiculous :(

message 3: by Sierra (new) - added it

Sierra I don't see how it is a wannabe Divergent novel. First of all, its a fantasy not a dystopian and Elisa sounds completely different from Beatrice. I haven't read this book, but really? C'mon.

message 4: by din (new) - rated it 5 stars

din I don't know where you got "YA Divergent wannabe" from this book, I actually liked it. Guess "Fantasy" is not for everyone.

♥ Sarah The constant food-talk bothered me, too.

Jenny You're not very smart are you?

Jimiah Williams I agree with the several commentators who state that this is not a divergent wanna be. Although the Book isn't everything I thought it was, the connection to divergent is fairly slim. So many reviewers have the habit of saying oh this books is a "blank wanna be/copy cat" but in reality no storyline or book is original. Heck ! Some think Divergent is a Hunger Games knock off , (which has a greater connection than the one you didn't make)

I don't mean to make offense or put this unnecessarily long comment but This truly is a pet peeve of mine.

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