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Farsighted by Emlyn Chand
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Sep 10, 12

bookshelves: fantasy, reviewed
Read in September, 2011

The Review won't be up on the website until the tour date of the 24th, but maybe my goodreads followers deserve to see it, yes?

By Emlyn Chand

Alex Kosmitoras isn’t your average sophomore. For one thing, he’s blind and has been since birth. For another thing, he has the ability to see the future. He wishes he didn’t though…well, maybe he did. After all, it did gain him a best friend, Simmi, a girl who had just moved from India. He just wished he could control the visions. Most of the time his visions just showed things in the near future, you know, like his dad asking how school was, but then he was struck by a serious one. Over and over this vision came: Simmi’s death. Through the new psychic business next to his mother’s florist shop, he learned there are two different kinds of visions, ones that will happen no matter what; and those that can be prevented, but who’s to tell the difference? And then there is the paradox, what if the very thing he does to prevent the incident, cause her death in the first place? Can he save Simmi’s life, and what is the cost he’s willing to pay?

Farsighted is an awesome book. It was new and exciting, it almost made the shelf of fame. The sequel (s) will decide if it goes on the shelf or not (I’ll have to think on it, It’s a tuff decision.) It was just a fantastic fantasy. One of my favorite things about this series is the dimension. If you want it to be a fun fantasy, it is. If you want it to be deeper, it is. Here is the deeper part:

I'd say the core of Farsighted is Truth, not only truth but the way that lays influence the truth. That truth is better incorporated if you knew something worse first. It offers a nice insight into emotions, which is the secondary theme of the series. (Along with strength, or what the world perceives to be strength.) In a twisted sort of way, the worse things that happen to us are the best. They make us more determined for the good things and make us who we are and make us better people. Alex is perfect for the symbolism for trials and tribulations. Being blind, he's 10X more likely to listen and has 10X the choice to NOT hear it. Those moments of complete disorientation are the physical manifestation of our emotional incapability’s (ours by choice). He's the epitome of human abilities. Because, in reality, we all have our own blindness. It shouldn't be our 'disability' of our lives per say, rather our 'ablility.' Anyway, I love this book, it’s definitely a re-reader, and one of my favorites this year. Only one negative, cussing. But I think the story is definitely worth it.

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message 1: by Emlyn (new) - added it

Emlyn Chand Yay! So very, very glad you liked it. I can't wait to see your review. How happy am I that you contacted me for an ARC?

Rachel's Book Reviews I have a vague guess: very. haha, if you read as much as I do, you get a sixth sense about books. just a little blip tells me all I need to know. I saw the trailer and knew immediately that I should do ALL I could to read it.....I'm so glad I was right!!

message 3: by Emlyn (new) - added it

Emlyn Chand Grinning from ear to ear. You definitely have moxie. Can't wait to see what you end up doing re: college, life, the whole shebang :-D

Rachel's Book Reviews That makes two of us :)

message 5: by Emlyn (new) - added it

Emlyn Chand Yay updated review :-) You are SO thorough! I love that you explored the deeper meaning too. You are going to great in college!

Rachel's Book Reviews Thanks :) taking graduation test tomorrow, cross your fingers.

message 7: by Emlyn (new) - added it

Emlyn Chand Crossed!

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