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Garden of Shadows by V.C. Andrews
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Sep 20, 2011

did not like it

The beginnings of another tale of woe are spun with the same style and characteristic as previews books by Andrews. Whether it is the beginning or the end of her series it is all the same. The reader is taken back in time where it is discovered why the Olivia character, the grandmother from the sequel “Flowers in the Attic” is so mean and hateful. Learning about her past will allow readers the opportunity to either be sympathetic or loath Olivia just as we all did in the sequel. Andrew weaves a web of dreams, betrayal, loneliness, longing, rape, and incest. Lies are woven throughout this tale, so much so it is difficult to keep up. The story tells how Olivia marries Malcolm Foxworth, who is secretly obsessed in regards to his mother and her death. Olivia gives Malcolm two sons, Malcolm Jr. and Joel. Malcolm’s father Garland brings home a new very young bride Alicia, whom becomes pregnant by Malcolm Jr. who consistently rapes her. Olivia covers of this secret by stating that Alicia is leaving, but actually she is being kept in the attic. As a result the mysteries of the attic begin. Olivia pretends to be pregnant and once the baby arrives takes it as her own, thus giving Malcolm the daughter he always wanted. This is not a story for young readers. The rape and incest that are implied are offensive. For adult readers there has to be a certain level of comfort before reading. Andrews does stick to the same flow as her other books. This story really does not add much to enhance learning or shedding light on any of the other books in the series. Unless you are a big fan of Andrews series I would not recommend this book for any light reading. Adult fiction.

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