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The Charming Quirks of Others by Alexander McCall Smith
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Sep 22, 11

Read from September 20 to 22, 2011

She thought, we don't need to look for reasons for love. It's simply there. It comes upon us without invitation, without reason sometimes. It surprises us when we are least expecting it, when we thought that our hearts were closed or that we weren't ready. Or we imagined it would never happen to us because it hadn't happened before. If I were to ask myself why I love you, or perhaps to try to find what is the main cause for my being in love with you, perhaps it is because you are generous of spirit. It's not because you're beautiful, not because I see perfection in your features, in your smile, in your litheness -- all of which I do, of course I do, and have done since the moment I first met you. It is because you are generous in spirit. And may I be like that. May I become like you, which, unrealistic wish, to become the other, is such a true and revealing symptom of love, its most obvious clue, its unmistakable calling card. (Chapter 11 ... listened to it on cd, so not sure of pagination)

He was feeling sleepy for it was warm and he could lie there forever, he thought, listening to the sound of Isabel's voice in the way one listens to the conversations of birds or the sound of a waterfall descending the side of a Scottish mountain -- sounds for which we cannot come up with a meaning but which we love dearly with all our heart and loving anything with all your heart always brings understanding in time. (final chapter & words)

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