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Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian
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Sep 20, 2011

really liked it
Read in September, 2011

Rated 3.5/5

Summary: Dylan Alexander is traveling overseas, taking the place of her Mother on a long girls vacation. Touring with the older women has been entertaining, but Dylan can’t take her mind off of her ailing Mother at home alone. During a hike in the mountains, Dylan accidentally finds a hidden cave that is covered in strange symbols. She decides to take a few pictures for the gossip-style magazine she works for.

Rio has been living in the hibernation cave since the Order discovered it five months earlier. He was supposed to blow it up, but he has been staying inside it alone and slowly starving himself to death instead. Overcome with depression and psychosis from his mate’s betrayal and the explosion that scarred him for life, Rio is ready to die. When he catches Dylan taking pictures of the Breed symbols in the cave, he is too weak to stop her from running away. He can’t let the Breed secrets get out though, so he forces himself to feed and track her down. Since the first time since the cave was discovered, Rio has a purpose and a reason to live.

Rio and the Order have every intention of cleaning up the photo mess, erasing Dylan’s memory, and then getting back to business as usual. However, the discovery that Dylan is a breed mate changes everything. Now the choice is up to her. She can choose to remain with the Rio and the Breed, or she can choose to return to her life with her memory erased. How can she choose between her Mother and Rio?

Review: It was bound to happen that my 5-Cup ratings in this series couldn’t go on forever. Midnight Rising fell a little short for me. I still liked it, but it definitely isn’t a favorite in the series.

This book had a lot of potential in terms of plot. We are introduced to a new villain who seems particularly evil, we learn more about a missing original generation vamp, and we have a mystery surrounding a bunch of missing breed mates. I wish there would have been a lot more content surrounding these plotlines. If there had been, the book would have been much better. Instead, too much of the story is the romance between Rio and Dylan. I realize that some romances can carry a full novel all on their own. Unfortunately, this was not one of those romances. Without more plot content, this book did not feel balanced.

I usually like main characters who are tortured souls, but the key is in how the character copes with their emotional baggage. The LEAST interesting coping mechanism to read about in a romance novel is depression. The presence of depression brings all other emotions down a notch. Positive intensity cannot exist in the same place as depression, they are contradicting concepts. In this book, both Rio and Dylan were dealing with depression. Rio was suicidal because of his mate’s betrayal and his scars, and Dylan was depressed over her Mother’s illness. Wallowing in their self-pity made it difficult for me to invest in their romance. As a result, I found myself craving the other plotlines, and unfortunately, that content was minimal.

Although I was not a big fan of this particular book, I have enjoyed the series and would still recommend it to fans of paranormal romance. Hopefully the next book will bounce back.


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