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The Haunted by Jessica Verday
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Dec 11, 11

it was ok
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Read on September 19, 2011

Again, this novel was okay...I said in my last review for The Hollow that I probably wasn't going to read the rest of this series but I forgot that I already put the next book on hold so when it came in I thought I should give it another chance. Again it just felt kind of 'blah' to me, just like the first one. I did a lot of skim-reading because the main character isn't interesting enough to me for me to read the 200+ pages about her day to day life. (Her perfume making wasn't really as important or written about in this story, weirdly enough given the cover art.)

I also didn't really get Caspian in this book. He changes his clothes? So because his clothes are physical things that Abbey and everyone can see, do his clothes just float in the air? They must, because when Caspian goes to grab Abbey a snack when they are at the hotel together, she says it might look suspicious if ‘food is floating in the air.’ So when he walks around with her do people see floating clothes?
Also Caspian can pick up objects but he can’t touch Abbey? That seems kind of stupid…the author just did that so there would be sexual tension between them, they both can’t have what they want which normally would be sexy but all evidence points to the fact that he can pick up objects and change his clothes and draw and stuff so why wouldn’t he be able to touch her? I think the author should have stuck with him either being able to do it all, touch everything/everyone or be unable to do anything.

And Abbey completely threw me off. At one point, Caspian did something 'totally swoon-worthy' and Abbey said to herself 'that was totally romantic...and kind of creepy.' Well, which one is it? Is he lovely and romantic or is he a creepy ghost? Either she loves him with all her heart like she claims at some points or she doesn't. She also said at one point that she was falling in love with him, and this was sometime in the middle of the novel and I was like...uh what? Doesn't she already love him by this point? I don't get it.

Also a minor thing but Ben and Abbey said they saw a Japanese restaurant/bait shop but then later it was a Chinese/bait shop. Those are pretty fundamentally different...so was it won-tons or sushi? Maybe Jessica should get a new editor or stop boasting about how she hand writes these books and gets spell-check and so on. (Uh sorry if that sounded mean! Just not a fan of these books :(
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Kitten Blue The Chinese / Japanese thing totally threw me as well ... talk about wrenching you out of the story ... and at such an interesting part, too!! ;D

Georgina Yes re the Japanese to Chinese restaurant - a glaring oversight and in the space of only a page or two.

Also, I'm with you on the inconsistency with Caspian's ability to touch or move the things around him but not Abbey - I think that sort of thing needs to be simplified and more creativity put into the reason for the sexual tension.

message 3: by Ki (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ki I completely agree with you! It is so inconsistent! Drives me crazy. I was also wondering about the clothes, pretty awkward.

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