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Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall
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Sep 19, 2011

it was ok
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Recommended for: militant vegetarians/organic food nuts who like vampires; die-hard Sherrilyn Kenyon fans
Read from September 19 to November 01, 2011 , read count: 1

1.5 stars

It's a bad sign when before you get to 5%, you are already hitting your head against something hard - and if you end up pissed and frequently ranting for 95% of the book. Granted, this was partially due to my general crankiness for the majority of the time I was reading this, which may have affected how I perceived this book, but it also had to do with the things I've read previously. Or maybe it was just the book.

Within the first 5%, I immediately saw the world's resemblance to the world of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series:
Fanged night-walkers who kill innocents? Check.
Fanged night-walkers who killed the killers? Check.
The good fanged night-walkers led by the oldest and most powerful and omniscient (or nearly so) good fanged night-walker? Check.
The good fanged ones supported by humans in the know? Check.
The organization's use of the Internet and message boards to communicate? Check, check, check, dammit!

I think I have a headache.

Given the fact that I have for a few years now been tired of the Dark-Hunter series (although it mostly had to do with the distinct author's voice), this resemblance was an unwelcome surprise to me.

My first thought? Not creative.

In the interest of fairness, I will say that I really liked the author's efforts to explain vampirism/immortalism in terms of science and whatnot. It was pretty interesting, and on the surface, made a bit of sense. But the author pushed it too far when (view spoiler)

So, this explanation to make her fanged ones extra speshul? 0.5 star. At least they don't sparkle.

1 star for entertainment value. There were a few funny parts, and when things didn't irritate me or reminded me too strongly of the Dark-Hunters, I enjoyed it.

Aside from the irritating similarity to Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, there were several other factors that kept me from enjoying this book - and close to DNF'ing it (and I really try not to DNF books).

1. The author seems to think heroines should be small and delicate. The heroines, not just the main one but the other ladies of interest - at least the more human ones - are all described as being small. Small hands this, tiny feet that, small and delicate bodies. I remembered reading other readers' opinions complaining of this but had never really came across it until now. Nearly every single time a body part was mentioned, it was accompanied by the descriptive words synonymous to small. What-the-hell. Heroines apparently should also weep in sympathy for the hero's pain when they don't even know said hero to show just how good she is. Eye-roll moment here.

2. The author used this book as a vehicle to preach about vegetarianism and eating organically. When I read a paranormal romance, I don't want to be lectured and told I eat artificial crap, thank you very much. It puts me in a bad mood, makes me have very unhappy feelings about the book, and encourages me to write a very ticked off review accompanied by a really low rating.
Roland stared down at it as she sliced it. "That pizza is organic."
Here we go. "Look, I know it doesn't contain artificial crap, genetically modified organisms, irradiated vegetables, recombinant artificial bovine growth hormone, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals, but if you'll just give it a chance--"
"I don't have to give it a chance," he interrupted. "I eat this all the time. It's delicious."
As Sarah gaped at him in astonishment, he grabbed a goat cheese - and vegetable-laden slice and practically swallowed it whole.
Holy crap! This man might very well be perfect!

But the part that made me this close to toss in the towel?
"There are a lot of commandments regarding diet in the Bible. Not drinking blood is just one of them. So if you two are damned for drinking blood, then anyone who eats rabbit, pork, meat with blood in it, shellfish, things that swarm, and birds of prey or scavenger birds is damned too. And those are just the restrictions I can remember off the top of my head."
It was a surprisingly logical and pragmatic approach to take.
Marcus raised his eyebrows. "Do you eat any of those foods?"
She wrinkled her nose. "No. If you ask me, that crap just isn't healthy, which is probably why it was banned in the first place."

The author also felt it was important to mention that the Immortals used "environmentally safe dishwashing soap". When I read this part, I was cranky and hadn't had my morning coffee yet. You can imagine for yourself how well that particular line was received.

The way everything fell in to place was not unexpected. After all, it was a paranormal romance, and an HEA was a requisite. But silly me, I'd hope that there was another way to resolve this than a deus ex machina in the form of Sarah's abilities that had not been mentioned in the entire book until the very end. And the mention of time traveling in this world? Not a bonus since I am not fond of that plot device, and the author never explained it - guess she was waiting for Marcus's book, which I most likely will not be reading.

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4.0% "omg, now I'm reading Sherrilyn Kenyon I hope the author manages to make me like it as much as I liked the Tairen Soul series. Otherwise, no higher than a 2.5-3 stars for lack of creativity."
4.0% "ugh! Seth = Ash. I don't know if I want to continue reading this."
9.0% "I keep going back to it, thinking to finish it, but I don't want to continue reading! Reshelving it for now."
11.0% "For once, I'd like to read a paranormal romance where the heroine has actually had a satisfying prior relationship before meeting superhuman Mr. Perfect."
12.0% "Parasitic virus, huh? Wonder how that works?"
14.0% "Small. Shy. Sensitive. Ok. Do not like the adjectives attached to heroine."
14.0% "How can he tell the pizza's organic? And...I kind of feel like I'm being lectured. Don't like it."
19.0% "Ok. What is it with the word "small" for the heroines? I remember reading about how authors seem to think small heroines are perfect, and now I've come across one. Argh."
34.0% "amusing, Sara trying to lie that she had winced but the I'm healing you whether you like ie or not act? makes me huffy"
36.0% "omg. seriously? now I'm being subjected to tiny feet? argh!"
36.0% "*whimpers* why is it necessary to point out he has *environmentally friendly dishwashing soap on top of him eating organically? it seriously is verging on lecture mode and is pissing me off. mind, it's early, I'm cranky and haven't had my coffee yet."
38.0% "was about ready to dnf this: when asked whether she eats meat or shellfish: "No. If you ask me, that crap just isn't healthy, which is probably why it was banned in the first place." she then proceeds to explain why the meat is not healthy. doesn't this sound like a lecture on veganism? pissed me off"
74.0% "Yeah. They had a website? Another Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunters flashback."
76.0% "So, while authors efforts to differentiate b/w Immortals & vampires through Sebastien is commendable, it comes across too strongly, too contrived, fake. Unsubtle. Dislike. Also, Seth rxn to Seb as Immortal - seemed unnecessary."
79.0% "No way, indeed! Just throw in the kitchen sink, why don't you? A world with time traveling - yech. Don't like time traveling"
93.0% "Marcus sees dead people. I agree with Etienne. Creepy!"
96.0% "Darn. Knew she'd turn out to be gifted but hoped I was wrong. Agree with a reviewer. This should have been mentioned more clearly earlier."
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message 1: by Sashana (new)

Sashana I'm surprised you finished it!.

The UHQ Nasanta I made myself. I don't like to DNF books. :)

Allison I am so with you on all the organic crap. It made me want to throw the book across the room but I was listening to the audiobook.

The UHQ Nasanta Allison wrote: "I am so with you on all the organic crap. It made me want to throw the book across the room but I was listening to the audiobook."

Yeah. I was so ticked off for...well, half the book. I despised Sarah's "holier-than-thou" attitude about organic food and veganism. No, what's stronger than despised? lol. I definitely wanted to smack her.

I was reading on my iPod and smartphone, neither of which I want to destroy. Well, they survived at least. :D

Maggie You nailed it! Never have I read a review that so efficiently explained how I felt about a book.

The UHQ Nasanta Thank you. :)

message 7: by Robyn (new)

Robyn Just started reading this today, and just got to the part about the environmentally friendly dishwasher detergent. I thought I was maybe overreacting to the amount of references to "organic, natural" things. I guess I wasn't imagining it!

Is it worth finishing?

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